Questions That No One Knows the Answers to ...


When you were younger, you probably assumed that your parents and teachers knew the answers to every question you had. However, now that you're older, you know that there are a few questions that no one actually knows the answer to.

It's terrifying to realize that there are things about our planet that no one, not even the smartest scientists in the world, know the answers to. Of course, the things we know little about can be fun to think about. That's why the video below will list out a few questions that no one actually knows the answers to:

What unanswerable question keeps you up at night?

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There is a God. There is proof, the future is known by God who is make. The Big Bang is just a false theory.

There is a huge amount of evidence supporting the big banf theory... It's not fake. Modern world theories? These are scientifically proven. The same way we know more about other planets and no longer believe the world is flat.

The Big Bang theory is so stupid, where did the gas come from genius's? I hate how they teach us flawed info at school. And the idea we cam from a fish come on are scientists now comedians

Ok I have a problem with him saying this Big Bang the tort is real even the man himself who created the theory said if this theory is not proven in so many years throw the theory away and there is no possible way there can be something out of nothing and tell me this why haven't scientists been able to find an In between form of humans and whatever animal we were made of why have they had to take bones from different species and put them together trying to prove there false belief in the Big Bang theory but we have found plenty of truth that our God the one and only God is real and alive

Big bang theory*

The Big Bang theory, evolution or anything that goes along with it is fake! I hate how seemingly in the modern world, more and more people are believing these theories too!

Oh. My. God. This is so cool!!! This is the type of science I am planning on learning more about when I am older and as my career

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