10 Silly Things It's Not Worth Losing Your Cool over ...


10 Silly Things It's Not Worth Losing Your Cool over ...
10 Silly Things It's Not Worth Losing Your Cool over ...

Frustration is a totally natural and acceptable response to life's daily struggles. There are countless reasons to get upset and lose your cool, especially when the circumstances are just plain maddening! However, despite it being a natural response, losing your cool can actually cause more tension and stress than the trigger itself. Listed below are some silly things you just shouldn't lose your cool over because it's simply not worth your energy!

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Running Late

person, photography, muscle, If you struggle with being on time, or even someone who hates being late and is almost always punctual, it can be a difficult to keep calm and collected when you're running late! The angrier I get when I'm running late, especially if I take it out on my family, the more stressed and anxious I become! If you're late, you're late and you can't change that. Instead, take a deep breath and know that everyone's late sometimes and it's silly to lose your cool over it!


You've Misplaced Something

person, man, interaction, WHY?, WHY, Who doesn't get super annoyed when you misplaced something?! Especially if it's car keys or something of value, it's easy to become angry and lose your cool. However, getting angry only makes things worse! Items usually aren't actually 'lost' but are in a place you used them last. When you're mind is calm, it's so much easier to recall where you had the item last!


Someone Disrespected You

nightclub, singing, 0,9, Disrespect gets under your skin like nothing else. Depending on the situation, it can tear you down as a person and devalue who you are and what you do. Instead of losing your cool, which only stoops to their level, calmly explain why you felt disrespected. If that doesn't work, try a snarky comeback- especially if it's not a close friend or family member, sarcasm is a wonderful tool!


A Flaky Friend

darkness, fashion, A friend who's always flaky is no friend at all. Whether it's canceled plans or complete unreliability, no one needs a flaky friend. So instead of getting angry, just ditch the friend and move one. It's so much better for your own sanity and sends a clearer message of where your priories are compared to an angry confrontation.


Your Computer/phone Froze

person, BIERE, STARZ, If your computer freezes, don't panic. To avoid any loss of info, make sure to always back up your work so that it's not lost if you're computer freezes or crashes. Although it's super frustrating when a device freezes, it's not a reason to lose your cool because most of the time things can be rebooted no problem! Technology isn't perfect after all.


Getting Stuck in Traffic

black and white, black, monochrome photography, monochrome, mouth, Getting stuck in traffic sets off even the coolest of heads. There's just something so irritating about slow traffic, especially when you need to get somewhere on time! To avoid angry emotions, remember to leave a little earlier when traffic is expected and use that time to listen to music, call a friend via Bluetooth, or enjoy your coffee on-the-go.


A Slow or Rude Cashier

human action, person, play, organ, hand, While these two things are different circumstances, they both create unexpected irritation. A slow cashier holding up the line can cause serious frustration! A rude, snarky cashier can cause unnecessary hurt and anxiety. Don't let one person ruin your day by losing your cool. Take it in stride and move on!


Getting Older

human action, person, sense, It's inevitable, you're going to age. Rather than stressing over the fact that age is coming quicker than you'd expected, enjoy your time and make the most of your 20s, 30s, etc. Look forward to the future and don't stress over something you can't control.


The Future

performing arts, performance art, entertainment, stage, musical theatre, Once again, the future is beyond your control. Don't set unrealistic plans for your future and be bummed when you aren't where you feel you're supposed to be. Take a step back and instead look at all you've accomplished and all the time you have left to reach your goals.



black, black and white, photography, monochrome photography, darkness, There's really not much worth stressing about in life. Yes, things suck sometimes and yes, things don't go your way. Instead of dwelling on all of that just breathe and take advice from Elsa, "let it go"!! At the end of the day, knowing you did your best and tried your hardest is what matters the most.

While these are pretty silly things to lose your cool over, it's totally OK to feel angry! It's how you react to anger that counts. What are some other reasons that are not worth losing your cool over?

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Evrythin? Lolzzz

#1 drives me crazy the most!

3 is so true and you are sooooo right!

Thank you 😊

good.can you please follow me . i am new .

Desconsiderate drivers who don't think about others.

Thanks, just what I needed right now

Thank you it's what I feel right now, so it help me to move on every worries that I have !

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