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Millennials get a lot of flack about being entitled, selfish and self-absorbed, spoiled, and all sorts of other twaddle that really doesn't apply to this generation, not as a whole. Are there some bad apples? Yeah, there always are, and the truth is that every generation will always complain about the generation that comes after it. Take a look at what this generation really cares about, though, what they fight for and how they fight for those things. I'm standing up for millennials not just because I am one, but because we're all tired of hearing certain things when really, they just aren't true.

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We're Uneducated and Ignorant

We're Uneducated and Ignorant Millennials are told we're stupid, naïve, and ignorant all the time, usually when we're speaking out against the majority. The funny thing is that this is also the generation who gets made fun of for going to college and getting buried in debt in the first place.


They All Have a Sense of Entitlement

They All Have a Sense of Entitlement You know what, this one might be true – because, since the moment we were born, all we've heard is that the world is ours and we can have anything we want. Know who told us that? Our parents, our teachers, our mentors – people older than us. From other generations. Oops.


That We Know Nothing about Being Working Professionals

That We Know Nothing about Being Working Professionals We don't. We can't get jobs with our expensive college degrees. Everyone wants experience, you see, but they don't want to hire us so we can get experience in the first place. It's a shame experience doesn't grow on trees.


We Know Nothing about Working at All

We Know Nothing about Working at All We're often told that we do nothing. We work for nothing. We know nothing about hard work. That's a pretty crappy thing to say to anyone, and also, it's not true.


So There's No Way We Can Hold onto a Job

So There's No Way We Can Hold onto a Job That's probably also why everyone tells us to get off our lazy asses and go work at McDonald's or something, I don't know.


We Depend Too Much on Our Parents

We Depend Too Much on Our Parents We do, some of us. And we hate it. Do you think any young adult has ever wanted to move back in with her/his parents?


We'll Never Be Independent

We'll Never Be Independent We hate hearing this because we fear it. Millennials crave independence. The majority of us don't want to be dependent on anyone.


We Won't Grow up

We Won't Grow up The thing is, we're trying. All the time. We're trying to grow and learn and be better – but growing is a process, you know.


We Want It All Now
There are millennials who want it all, right now. They want everything at this moment. They're impatient. The thing is, this is often combined with the assumption that none of us are willing to work for anything, and so the vicious circle just continues.


We're Too Difficult to Deal with

We're Too Difficult to Deal with We are. So are older generations. Everyone's difficult to deal with when no one tries to understand each other.


We Make the Older Generations Feel Anxious

We Make the Older Generations Feel Anxious The older generations make us feel anxious, too. I mean, this is the world you guys left us, after all.


We're Self-involved

We're Self-involved I can't actually argue with this. Some of us are self-involved. However, we're also involved with the world at large. I mean, there are high school students – high school students! – taking videos of the moment when they tell someone else they're beautiful. That's gorgeous.


We're Obsessed with Social Media

We're Obsessed with Social Media We are. This is how we communicate. You can laugh, but we get shit done on social media. Yes, there's a lot of fake social media advocating that never goes anywhere, but there are also people getting serious shit done.


We're Making Everyone else Poor

We're Making Everyone else Poor Are we, though? Again, this is the world we were given.


We're Not Buying Anything Because We're Broke

We're Not Buying Anything Because We're Broke Oh. Maybe this is how we're making everyone else poor. SORRY WE DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!


We Don't Respect Tradition

We Don't Respect Tradition We do. We respect the traditions that make sense for us. When traditions don't make sense for us, guess what we do? We make new traditions.


We Know Nothing about Money

We Know Nothing about Money It's because we don't have any.


We're the Lost Generation
Boo on you, I don't see Ernest Hemingway sitting here.


We're Rookies at Life

We're Rookies at Life We are. Everyone is. No one's an expert at life. But we're learning, baby.

Are there any stereotypes or stigmas attached to your generation that you absolutely hate?

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*the lowest percent *can be explained due to

The first one isn't true, according to studies and health reports millennials are well rounded and intelligent, we research items before purchasing, we are healthier since we were born into America post lead affective diseases/disorders therefore we think faster and make better choices. And finally we are not as broke as our grandparents or parents since we will pay Mortgage at a lower percent ever (3-4%). We do rely on our parents heavily though according to the rate of college/post college grads who live with their parents for a longer period of time before moving out and that can be explain to living in a post Great Recession world where apartments and utilities are rented out/sold with more complications and for higher price. Gen xers are well aware of these facts

A lot of these are true...I'm a millennial and even I agree that everyone now is too obsessed with social media, and that a lot of millennials act like they own the's annoying which is why I try not to do be like that. I don't like it when people accuse us of these things, but for a lot of them there is at least some truth.

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