Millennials Are Sick and Tired of Hearing These 19 Things ...

Millennials get a lot of flack about being entitled, selfish and self-absorbed, spoiled, and all sorts of other twaddle that really doesn't apply to this generation, not as a whole. Are there some bad apples? Yeah, there always are, and the truth is that every generation will always complain about the generation that comes after it. Take a look at what this generation really cares about, though, what they fight for and how they fight for those things. I'm standing up for millennials not just because I am one, but because we're all tired of hearing certain things when really, they just aren't true.

1. We're Uneducated and Ignorant

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Millennials are told we're stupid, naïve, and ignorant all the time, usually when we're speaking out against the majority. The funny thing is that this is also the generation who gets made fun of for going to college and getting buried in debt in the first place.

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