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Here Are 15 of the Most Irritating Habits People Have ...

By Neecey

We all have habits. And what might seem perfectly normal to us can really grind other people’s gears. And the thing about habits is that we don’t really know what grates on the nerves unless someone tells us and of course, we may not even have noticed we have certain habits. It’s a tricky little area. I’ve gathered up some of the most irritating habits – irritating in general, not all to me, because that would make me a seriously intolerant person!

1 A Nervous Laugh after Every Sentence

This doesn’t seem all that annoying unless you work with someone that does it, at which point it becomes the pickle in your glass of milk. There is really no need for that stupid “Please love me,” laugh after every sentence. You are not that funny! Is talking to me a big joke? What are you laughing at!

2 Picking Their Nose in Public

If you are going to pick your nose, then do it at home or around your grandma’s house; don’t start mining for gold in public. This has to be one of the rudest, annoying and irritating habits people can have. It is amazing how people do not have enough respect for themselves or other people. Most people wouldn’t dream of picking their nose in public because it is embarrassing, yet some people do it as if they are digging for a prize.

3 Being Too Attentive

When you first meet this sort of person you figure he or she fancies you, is trying to make you feel welcome, or is just a nice person. After that, it quickly becomes very annoying. Being asked, “Are you alright?” and “How are you….really?” is very irritating. The worst thing is that if you say something to them, then they become even fussier and attentive because they worry about how they have done the exact opposite of what they had intended. Moreover, if you tell that person to go stick his or her head in a blender, then everybody else around you starts to hate you because you were so mean to such a “nice” person.

4 Pulling out a Phone Every Two Minutes

This is probably one of the most widespread of all the irritating habits and it is so rude, and yet it is so common that it has become accepted as a norm. If these people had a few minutes to live, then maybe checking their phone thirty times every hour would make sense, but these people are just checking for the sake of checking. They are the sort of people that are thrilled by spam messages.

5 Repeating the Same Thing More than Once

Some people try to make a point and try to make themselves heard by repeating themselves. They are even worse when playing games. If their answer wasn’t right the first time, then why would it be right the next sixty times? Maybe that person was ignored as a child, or maybe there is somebody in his or her family that is deaf, but it is annoying and it is a habit so the person doing it doesn’t even realize he or she is doing it.

6 Stories with Too Many Boring Details

How long the rain lasted, where the man across the street was going, the bodywork of the passing car, the feeling he had in his fingers, yawn, snooze. Long and rambling stories about stuff that doesn’t matter is such an imposition and yet we put up with it out of being polite. In your head you scream, “Okay, so what is the point and how do I cut to it?”

7 Nail and Finger Biting

People do it because they are nervous sometimes, but the biggest offenders are the ones that are doing it out of habit. They have nails bitten down to the nub, and some bite the skin around their nails so it looks like they have been grating cheese and drawn a little too close to the blades (yes Dad!)

8 Looking at a Phone during a Conversation

This has to be one of the most irritating habits ever, and it is yet another habit people have gotten into that we seem to have accepted as okay. It is not okay to have someone continually look at their phone whilst they are supposed to be talking to you. It is rude!

9 Interrupting

Don’t you just hate when somebody…There was this time when I was interrupted and…Time was that people wouldn’t interrupt because it was rude, but these days it seems…People interrupt for many… If somebody interrupts you, it is IMPERATIVE that you keep talking. You must keep talking as if the person interrupting isn’t in the room. Do not raise your voice to drown out that person. Just keep on talking and completely finish all the things you were going to say. People will first pay attention to the person that interrupted, but will be drawn back to you if you simply keep talking. If you keep it up and do not react to the interrupter, then people will eventually get annoyed with the interrupter.

10 Trying to Make Every Conversation into a Joke

Maybe it is because the person doing it is insecure or unsure of how to act. Maybe he or she (usually he) wants to create the illusion that being around him or her is great fun, but it is annoying and makes starting a conversation difficult because you know the irritating person is going to try to make it into a joke.

11 Littering and Leaving Dog Muck

Maybe we have to accept that people litter and leave dog muck because they always have done, but it is unfair that we should just have to accept it. Some people really do not care about that sort of thing, but some of us do not want to see dog muck lying around, and some of us do not want litter flying onto our gardens or hitting our front door. It’s a shame people cannot take more pride in their (and our) planet.

12 Humming in Confined Spaces

There is nothing wrong with humming when you are on your own, humming when you are walking down the street, or humming when you are cleaning. But, humming in confined spaces with other people around you is odd to the point of being antisocial. It is so innocuous to the point where it seems harmless, but it is irritating when you are the one being subjected to it.

13 Whining, Complaining or Moaning

There is always somebody that has the weight of the world on his or her shoulders. There is always someone that talks as if the world owes him or her something. A bit of whining, complaining or general discontent is fine in small doses, but when someone does it all the time--it is irritating. It is even worse when you have to work with that person. The days when that person is off ill are fantastic because you don’t have someone bringing you down. The only downside is that you know that person is going to come back to work and tell the world how “It was touch and go” and how “God nearly called me” because he or she was sooooo ill.

14 Chipping Nail Varnish off Her Nails

Possibly one of the worst habit’s a woman can have, besides burping swear words in front of your grandparents, is chipping off bits of nail varnish and leaving it everywhere. It is horrible, disgusting, irritation and just plain dirty!

15 Trying to Start Conversations with People across the Room

In most cases, the person starting the conversation is not aiming to communicate the entire conversation to everyone else in the room. In most cases, that person wants to talk to a certain person and wants to do it right now without walking across the room. If it happens once in a while, such as if an excited father is shouting about his child’s first word being something like, “Otolaryngology.” But, when somebody makes a habit of it, it is like having mortar shells run across your head whilst you are at work. It is even worse when you are on a bus and somebody near the front feels the need to express something to someone at the back, especially when it is full of foul language.

Even the most tolerant of people find some habits annoying. We all have to do our best to ignore them, but we should also not cultivate them. Do you have an irritating habit you wish you didn’t? What annoys you in other people’s habits?

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