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There are some situations where it’s best to avoid giving advice. This isn’t easy, especially when you feel your advice is spot-on and you just want to be helpful. But giving advice in certain situations can cause tension or hard feelings. These are 7 situations where it’s best to avoid giving advice.

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When You’re Unsure of Your Advice

It’s generally best not to give advice when you feel unsure about it. You may have an idea that you think would help someone but if you’re not sure if it works, it may be best to say nothing. It’s best to give advice when you know that it’s tried and true. At least tell the person that you’re unsure and they should probably check into it before trying it out.


When You’re Talking to an Expert

Have you ever caught yourself giving advice to someone who knows the subject better than you do? Maybe you were thinking of giving hair advice to your hairstylist or baking tips to a bakery owner? Those are times when it’s probably best to refrain from giving advice. You may want to share tips on great products you’ve found or things like that and that’s okay. But instructing on techniques to someone who knows their field may not go over well.


When You Get the Feeling You’ve Given Too Much Advice Already

Advice can be very helpful! We can all probably think of times we were given advice that really helped us through a difficult situation. It may have been advice that gave you hope when you were just at your wit’s end. But if you get the feeling that your advice isn’t appreciated or that you’ve given enough advice then it’s probably time to stop. You can have too much of a good thing, right?


When You Don’t Know All the Facts

Sometimes you may be offering advice when you don’t know all the facts. It’s best to fully listen to the person who’s sharing with you before you offer advice. What they share could change what sort of advice you offer. The good thing is that there are many situations where your advice is welcome and appreciated. Generally, it’s your close friends and family that appreciate your advice the most because they love and trust you.


When It’s a Parenting Situation

Parenting situations can be tricky to advise on. For one thing, all children are different and you may not truly know a child, at least not like their parent does. Secondly, parents can be very defensive when it comes to their children. It’s just nature. As a parent, I’ve felt this way at times. The best thing to do is see if your advice is welcome before you offer it.


When You’re Getting the Feeling Your Advice Isn’t Welcome

Some people don’t want advice. Most of us have probably run into people like that on occasion. It has nothing to do with you or the quality of your advice. It’s just them. In those situations, it’s best to say nothing and leave them alone.


When You’re Dealing with an Oversensitive Person

I’ve personally been in this situation. You truly just want to help someone, but you can’t because they’re so sensitive. They get offended easily and it has nothing to do with you. In such a situation, it’s best to hold your advice. Although it may be valuable, if they’re not interested, it’s a wasted effort.

These are 7 situations where it’s best to avoid giving advice. Have you been in one of these situations before? You’re welcome to share your stories.

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Yes there are just moments where it is best to keep ones mouth shut.

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