The 7 Most Inappropriate Things You Could Say at Work for Girls with No Filter ...


The 7 Most Inappropriate  Things You Could Say at Work for Girls with No Filter ...
The 7 Most Inappropriate  Things You Could Say at Work for Girls with No Filter ...

It’s easy to forget what may be inappropriate to share at work when you get close to your coworkers. They become friends and that may blur the lines a bit in what you should discuss. While we all forget at times, it’s best to be careful about this because it can come back and cause problems for you later. These are 7 inappropriate things you should never say at work.

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Intimate Details about Your Relationship

It’s okay to discuss parts of your relationship with a work friend from time to time, such as where you and your sweetie love to eat or even sweet things your guy has done. But you want to stay away from sharing things such as relationship troubles or details about your sex life. Even if you feel close to a coworker, it’s not good to share those things at work. They might repeat what you say or form opinions of you that you don’t want them to have.


Political Opinions

Politics is a subject that can get controversial very quickly. It’s one of those things you don’t want to discuss in the workplace. If someone’s views differ from yours then it could cause a discussion that could escalate into an argument. You want your work environment to remain peaceful. Keeping discussions about politics out of your job is key to that.


Office Gossip

Office gossip can be tempting. You probably feel like you could add something to the conversations going on around you that are work gossip. Do yourself a favor and stay out of it. Getting involved in office gossip may feel fun now but can negatively affect your job. You could get pulled into situations you don’t want to be in.



Religion is another topic that’s not good to talk about in the workplace. There are so many different faiths these days that it’s easy to offend others. If someone is curious about your religion then they’ll ask you about it when it’s a good time to talk and in that situation, you may be able to share more freely. But in larger work settings, it’s probably best to stay away from this topic. Instead, try to keep your conversations focused on work.


Past Work Mistakes

Past work mistakes are better left in the past. Talking about them may give others a bad impression. This could be true even if the work mistakes happened long ago at a different place of employment. It’s one of those subjects you don’t want to open. Talk about lighter topics of conversation.


Your Partying Habits

Another subject you don’t want to discuss at work is your partying habits. Even if it makes for some fun stories to share, it’s not going to do much for your job evaluation. Save those stories for your friends outside of work. This is where personal life and work life need to be kept very separate. If you don’t have any party habits then this won’t be an issue for you.


Your Financial Troubles

Your financial troubles are not a good topic to discuss at work. It can be tempting because financial problems are so stressful. You do need a friend to talk to but choose one outside of work. Discussing financial problems while on your job could be taken as you hinting for a raise. It could also make you look irresponsible even if you know that truly wasn’t the case.

These are 7 inappropriate things to talk about at work. What conversation topics do you stay away from while at work? I’d love to hear from you!

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Good points one shud always remember u come to office to work n not make friends so be professional always

Thank you so much for the advice.

Omg 😲

Great advice!!!

I actually worked with a woman who pulled down her panties to expose a tattoo on her buttocks! I didn't look at it, but I saw the men did.

Excellent points, the other I was receiving training and the trainer (girl) started to say to everyone her boobs hurt a lot and when they asked her way she would bluntly say oh is because of the birth control pill I recently began taking. I was so ashamed for her, that's the kind of stuff you discuss with your best friend not in the office where men and women are listening you, explicitly suggest the kind of sexual relationship you have. I'm sure her boyfriend wouldn't appreciate having his girlfriend mentioning all those details, and as for her to be honest when she said that my opinion completely change it went from "she seems really smart and pretty to she's smart and crazy" Ladies some stuff should never ever be mention at your job.

Good advices! What with the picture? It doesn't have anything to do with the topic, and although this girl is beautiful, seeing her everywhere is getting boring...

I keep quiet about everything. People are too nosey anyway for the sake of it. It all depends on the individual . Some people don't have much of a life and work is their life . I am happy with a hello and bye as far as work is concerned and that is how I like it .

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