Things You Should Never do after Midnight ...


Things You Should Never do after Midnight ...
Things You Should Never do after Midnight ...

There's a time and a place for everything. Even if you're a night owl, there are a few things you should avoid doing after the clock strikes twelve. You don't want to end up emptying your wallet, endangering your health, or making a fool of yourself, just because your mind is fuzzy. That's why you should never do these things after midnight, no matter how badly you want to:

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Eat a Big Meal

person, conversation, Get, back, your, You shouldn't eat right before bed. Your body is less active while you're sleeping, which means you won't burn off all of the calories you just ate. Besides, if you eat the wrong thing, it could upset your stomach and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. That's why you should try to have your late night snack before it gets too dark out.


If you find yourself craving a late-night bite, aim for something light and easy to digest. Opt for complex carbohydrates, a small amount of protein, or a bit of healthy fat to avoid sleep disruption. Cherries or a banana are great choices as they contain melatonin, which can help regulate your sleep cycle. Just remember, whatever you choose, keep the portion sizes in check—your slumber and waistline will thank you in the morning!


Send out a First Text

image, art, design, screenshot, pattern, Not all of your friends are awake at the same time as you are. You don't want to send out a "hey, how are you?" text after midnight, because you could wake them up. Since your mind tends to be foggier late at night, you might even end up messaging someone you want nothing to do with, like your ex. That's why you should wait until morning to say hello.


When the sun rises and everyone’s buzzing with the start of a new day, that’s your window to reach out. Timing is everything. Even if you’re simply sharing the latest meme or asking about their weekend plans, early texts come across as considerate and respectful. Plus, you’re less likely to be buried in a mountain of notifications from the night before. Remember, a message sent at a decent hour not only shows you care about their rest but also that you’re putting positive energy out there with good morning vibes!


Send a Professional Email

, Your boss will see the time that you sent your email. If you sent it at 2AM, they might think that you're unprofessional. That's why you should wait until morning, or at least set a time delay (which you can do through Google mail) so that it looks like you woke up early to start working.


Shop Online

person, muscle, arm, leg, screenshot, Infomercials come on late at night for a reason. That's when people are more likely to pick up the phone and order something they really don't need. It's the same when it comes to online shopping. Your package won't get there any faster if you order it late at night. Wait until the morning to place the order, so that you don't buy something you regret.


Staying up late can lead to impulsive decisions, driven by fatigue and a decreased ability to practice self-control. Shopping in your PJs may feel comfy, but it's a shortcut to buyer's remorse. Take a deep breath and sleep on it — your bank account will thank you. Nighttime clicks can be risky, leaving you with a cart full of items you wouldn't look twice at in daylight. Set a nighttime browsing curfew or remove your card details from your favorite shopping sites to curb those midnight spending sprees. Your clear-headed morning self will be much more judicious.


Post Something on Social Media

image, photography, leg, sense, finger, Most of us get emotional late at night. Of course, you don't want to post anything embarrassing about how much you miss your ex. Besides, if no one else is online, then no one will end up liking your statuses. You might as well wait until the next day to update your page.


However, if you can't resist the urge to connect, consider engaging with content rather than creating it. Liking and sharing others' posts can be a safer bet, and it won't leave you with regrets in the morning. Plus, if inspiration strikes for the perfect post, jot it down in your notes and revisit it when you're fresh the next day. That way, you ensure it's truly worth sharing and not just a midnight whim that could make you cringe come sunrise.


Go out with Your Friends

human action, person, singing, interaction, blushpink, If you go out with friends at ten and stay out past midnight, that's fine. But if you ask someone to hang out with you at one in the morning, what are you two really going to do? No restaurants are open, because you should be sleeping like everybody else.


Sure, hitting the town with your pals is a blast. But if it's past the witching hour, any text suggesting a hangout might just prompt a side-eye emoji in response. Let's face it, the late-night rendezvous can send the wrong signal, especially if fine dining isn’t on the cards. Instead, why not plan a proper late-night group activity in advance, like a cozy movie marathon or a star-gazing session? That way, it's clear it's all about the good company and not the questionable decision-making that often follows the strike of twelve.


Take a Walk Alone

black and white, black, weather, darkness, monochrome photography, Unfortunately, the world is dangerous for us girls, especially at night. You don't want to walk down your block alone when it's dark out, because you could end up getting hurt. That's why you should wait until morning to go for your run.


While the dawn brings fresh air and the tranquil peace of morning streets, it's important to prioritize your safety. If you're itching for some movement, consider converting that nocturnal urge into a gentle stretching session inside the safety of your home. Yoga or guided meditation can be incredibly soothing and prepare you for restful sleep, all without stepping foot outside. Remember, adventure awaits by daylight, where visibility and community bustle offer a safer backdrop for your solo endeavors.


MaKe a Permanent Decision

music, singing, BIG, YES!, That tattoo you want to get spur the moment at 1am? Don't. Get some sleep first and make sure it's the right decision for you. Not to mention, you don't want your artist worn out by the time he/she gets to you so book an appointment earlier in the day to ensure you're getting what you pay for.


Make a Semi-permanent Change

singing, Sure, it's just hair! It'll grow back. Yeah, self tanner sounded good at 2am when you were dreaming of that summer glow. A haircut or self tan with weary eyes could result in temporary catastrophic consequences.


Cyber StaLk

black, image, sense, emotion, hand, With heavy eyes you are unable to realize or stop your cyber creeping antics. Friend request? Oops! Like a pic from 2 years ago in your photo stalking endeavor? My bad. Your small slip is sometimes unnoticed and can lead to some embarrassing confrontations after you've slept.

Unless you work nights, you should be getting ready for bed around midnight. That way, you can wake up early and have a productive morning. Do you typically do any of these things after midnight or are you asleep by then?

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The spn gifs though

Haha I'm usually asleep by 8.

Reading this while watching supernatural x

oh my - I do most of these things.

Sending emails after midnight when you are in the UK is good but if you and you're boss are on a project run by Australians it's actually not a bad thing to be able TO do... Just being petty I guess but fair comment

I live in a gated community + surrevalance. My family is safe.

This was fun to read with all the supernatural gifs


Is the woman in the picture the lead singer of the band Dorothy?

Supernatural lovely

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