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7 Overrated Things We Should Stop Romanticizing ASAP ...

By Holly

With the help of the media, some of us have started to romanticize unhealthy things. However, it's time to put that to an end. Otherwise, we're all going to end up with unrealistic expectations about life and love. Here are a few overrated things we should stop romanticizing:

1 The 50s

The 50s We should stop romanticizing the 50s, or any other time period for that matter. Sure, there were some amazing movies, music, and fashion items in the past, but think of the way society was run. A few decades back, racism and sexist were all around. Do you really want to live in a time period like that? You should be thankful you live in the twenty-first century, where people are becoming more accepting by the day.

2 Disney Love

Disney Love Do you really want to be treated like a princess? You'd be happier dating a man who treats you like an equal than you would be dating your "prince charming" who waits on you hand and foot. Even though we all love Disney, we need to stop wishing that our lives were like the movies.

3 Bad Boys

Bad Boys Sure, bad boys are sexy. However, they aren't going to treat you the way you deserve. There might be a few bad boys out there with a heart of gold, who would never dream of hurting you emotionally or physically, but they're a rare breed. Most bad boys are exactly what they sound like. They're heartbreakers who will sleep with you and play with your feelings without any guilt.

4 Young Love

black and white, photograph, person, photography, monochrome photography, Don't push yourself to fall in love at a young age. If it happens to you, that's great. However, most people don't find someone to love when they're still in high school, or even in college. If you don't find Mr. Right until you're in your late 20s or 30s, that's okay. Don't assume that life is like the movies and everyone finds their soulmate while they're still young.

5 Extreme Lengths to Win Someone over

Extreme Lengths to Win Someone over If you turn a man down, he shouldn't continue to pursue you. It's not romantic for him to keep chasing after you, even though you've made it clear that you aren't interested. Even if he does something "sweet," like writes you love letters or starts serenading you, it isn't romantic. It's rude. If he cared about you, he'd respect your opinion and leave you alone.

6 Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships You might not realize it, but there are plenty of unhealthy relationships in movies and books. Women went crazy over 50 Shades of Grey, but the story was about an obsessive man who treated his girlfriend poorly. There's nothing wrong with BDSM, but even BDSM supporters criticized the books, because they inaccurately portrayed the way their people act.

7 Jealousy

Jealousy It isn't sexy for your man to be so jealous of you that he doesn't let you have any male friends or leave the house in a short skirt. Yes, it's nice that he cares about you, but he shouldn't try to control you. He isn't the boss of you, so he should stop acting like he is.

It's dangerous to think highly of these unhealthy things. That's why it's time to stop romanticizing them all. What other things do you think people everywhere should stop romanticizing?

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