7 Overrated Things πŸ“ˆ We Should Stop βœ‹πŸΌ Romanticizing 😍 ASAP ...

With the help of the media, some of us have started to romanticize unhealthy things. However, it's time to put that to an end. Otherwise, we're all going to end up with unrealistic expectations about life and love. Here are a few overrated things we should stop romanticizing:

1. The 50s

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We should stop romanticizing the 50s, or any other time period for that matter. Sure, there were some amazing movies, music, and fashion items in the past, but think of the way society was run. A few decades back, racism and sexist were all around. Do you really want to live in a time period like that? You should be thankful you live in the twenty-first century, where people are becoming more accepting by the day.

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