7 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media ...


Technology is a huge part of our lives, which is why we share pretty much everything on social media. However, some things should just stay private. Here's what you should keep to yourself, according to Bustle:

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Complaints about Your Job

Complaints about Your Job Unless you want to complain about losing your job in a few days, you should keep quiet.


Attacks on Other People

Attacks on Other People Keep your drama to yourself. Your Facebook friends don't want to see you acting catty.


Intense Kissing Photos

Intense Kissing Photos If tongue is involved, the pics should stay private.


Vague, Dramatic One-liners

Vague, Dramatic One-liners If you say, "I really hate you right now," everyone's going to be wondering if they were the one who pissed you off.


Offensive Articles

Offensive Articles 2015 isn't a time to be racist or sexist.


Really Gross Injuries

Really Gross Injuries You can tell the world that you hurt your foot, but don't include a gross picture of it filled with blood.


Begging for Money

Begging for Money You probably won't get paid over the internet, so why try?

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This stuff really really really pushes my buttons... Dirty laundry is for a laundry basket not for social.. Especially Facebook! Which is one of the reasons why I deactivated it.. Too many people on social seeking attention.. Have fun with it don't depress others with your crap.. Sorry but that's how it is.. :/ unfortunately that's the world we live in nowadays...

And don't post your personal life. A private life is a happy life

But if people dont post these sort of things how else will they get attention? Lol these days people need it to validate themselves ...the worst offense iv seen though is when people makes posts like there writing in a diary...i swear i get second hand embarrassment one because noone should know private details and two because noone honestly cares...

The cat at the end is so freaking cute but this article is so true

I feel you @britt. Some people post such stupid stuff that no one cares about and think it'll actually get likes. As if

the most imp thing is not to post naked pics or revealing pics of urself on social media u think tht could make u famous and hot bt people use it to blackmail u

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