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7 Things to Avoid Posting on Facebook during the Holidays That You Will Regret Later ...

By Lyndsie

What to Not Post on Facebook can save you a lot of trouble. Knowing what you shouldn't post during the holidays is especially helpful. Knowing what to not post on Facebook may seem like it all comes down to common sense, but there are a lot of surprising things you shouldn't post as well. This happy holiday season, save yourself some time, trouble, and potential drama by learning about what to not post on Facebook.

1 No over-Sharing

My first tip on what to not share on Facebook during the holidays involves over-sharing. Don't over-share about anything. People can get touchy this time of year, and it can just cause problems. If you talk about how long it took you to get to your parents' house, your in-laws might get snippy. If you talk about having some great time at a holiday party, “those” friends – you know the ones – might start moaning about how they don't have anything to do. I'm not advocating total self-censorship, though. Remember, filters are your friends.

2 Don't Brag

I've gotten into trouble myself for this one. Generally it involves presents. It sucks, but you know you have certain friends who will somehow take it personally if you give updates about the neat things you got – sometimes they have a reason to, true, but generally they don't. Still, keep it chill.

3 Watch the Invites

Facebook has made a lot of things easier, like inviting people to events. In doing so, however, they've also created another reason to learn about what to not post on Facebook. If you send out invitations or create an event, be careful! You might want to make it private, lest someone who's not invited sees it on their sidebar and gets offended. Also be sure to double check any guest lists, in case you've invited someone you don't want to invite.

4 Watch the RSVPs

For that same reason, you also want to watch the RSVPs/attendings. Again, someone see that you're going to a party or event, and get offended because they aren't invited. Sad but true, and who needs the drama during the holidays?

5 No Drunk Shots

This is actually one of the first things you figure out about what to not post on Facebook, but it's especially true during the holidays. People are very unamused about the drunk post-eggnog shots this time of year. If you like posting pictures, then again, remember: filters are your friends!

6 Remember Your Excuses

If you got invited to one event but declined so you could go to another event, watch what you post! Sometimes it's best to avoid talking about what you're doing, especially if you know you've told little fibs about where you'll be and what you'll be doing.

7 Public Vs. Private Messaging

This is a very important tip on what to not post on Facebook. Remember the difference between private messages and wall posts. You'll be glad when you're trying to tell your BFF that the holiday party at your in-laws' house is awful, and they ended up reading all about it. Ouch!

As you can see, there are tons of things you need to know about what to not post on Facebook. Some of it is for your peace of mind, while other things will just keep the drama levels at a minimum. In addition to knowing what to not post on Facebook during the holidays, remember that privacy filters are your friends. Do you have other tips on what to not post on Facebook during the holiday season?

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