7 Everyday Things People Become Addicted to Easily ...


7 Everyday Things People Become Addicted to Easily ...
7 Everyday Things People Become Addicted to Easily ...

There are many things people become addicted to, mostly because humans are vulnerable, delicate creatures. It’s easier for us to cope with life if we have a vice or something we turn to when we need a boost. However, sometimes we don’t realize how easy it is to become addicted to simple, everyday things. Here’s a list of a few things people become addicted to.

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Caffeine The most common of all things people become addicted to easily is caffeine. It just never feels like there are enough hours in the day and whether you’re lacking in sleep or will be pulling an all-nighter, caffeine is the go-to for most people. Plus it’s a great beverage for chilly, early mornings or eating sweets. However, after regularly drinking coffee for a while and taking a break, you might feel yourself suffering with withdrawal symptoms like headaches, mood swings and nauseous.



Attention This is a dangerous one because people who crave attention can end up doing harmful things to get it. People who like attention do so because it boosts their self confidence and makes them feel important. However, people who are addicted to attention are usually perceived as people who are insincere and “annoying”.



Shopping Shopping is also a dangerous addiction because it affects finances. Many people who are addicted to shopping usually hide their expenses from their partners which can ultimately ruin their relationship as finances are the number one reasons married couples split. In addition, shopping addictions can lead to consumer debt. The best way to come off your shopping addiction is to visit a financial advisor – an advisor will help you put in to perspective how much money you’re spending and what you should actually be doing with it.



Eating When we eat we actually feel a natural high and that’s why people “eat their emotions” when they’re feeling upset. Eating food is a must for all animals but nourishment and sustenance can turn in to gluttony and indulging in unnecessary cravings. The best way to avoid becoming addicted to food is by avoiding sugars as they are supposedly the most addicting of all foods.



Companionship In my opinion, I think being addicted to relationships comes out of the fear of being alone. With that being said, we all have the friend who can never be single for more than two months. He/she usually doesn’t have meaningful, long term relationships because he/she don’t take time to love themselves first. The ironic thing is sometimes you need to be alone with yourself before you can be in the company of others.



Drama We’ve all met someone at least once in our life that is addicted to drama! He/she loves malicious gossip, feuds between “frenemies” and relationship breakups. People usually say that this type of person is bored with their own life so they take interest in others. Regardless, this type of person is dangerous to be around because he/she can bring a lot of negativity in to your life.



Looks In regards to reproduction and evolution, it’s not shallow at all to care about your looks – all animals do, it’s integrated in to our systems. However, there are people who are addicted to looks in an unhealthy way. I don’t mean the girl who wears more makeup than she should or the guy who only dates “hot chicks”. Instead, I mean the large group of people who spend thousands of dollars per year on plastic surgery. It’s very common for people to get more than 15 plastic surgery procedures done on their face and their body. However, people who continue to get plastic surgery are never fully happy with the final result and continue to get more “work done”.

Some addictions are harmless like addictions to piercings or body art – even caffeine addictions are not harmless if you have a healthy diet and get the right amount of sleep. But some addictions can be dangerous to your life or your lifestyle. It’s easy to become addicted to both good and bad things. What are some other things that people become easily addicted to?

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Chapstick! Or is that just me? Haha

masturbation too ..!

Like the pics that used in this articke :) profesional and suits the article well :)

Sex & exercise too!

to their phone?

To the iPhone, absolutely! I used to smoke cigs and it's the same -- first thing in AM, last thing at night and at my fingertips all day long

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