7 Harsh Realities of Life That You Have to Come to Terms with ...

By Vladlena

There are too many harsh realities of life. Although sometimes you feel like everything you go through is worth it, other times you wonder how long it will take to finally reach a point in life when everything is in a state of bliss. Things do get better with time and usually you get out of the funk that you may be in but there are some things that just never change. There are some harsh realities of life that we all have to constantly face.

1 Most of the Time You Stand in Your Own Way

While we can blame other people and occurrences in our life for our failures, ultimately it all comes down to us. Most of the time we stand in our own way of our dreams with our thoughts and we limit our capabilities, just because we don’t believe in ourselves. It is truly amazing what a human being can do once he or she begins to believe in themself. If you don’t set a limit on your capabilities and get out of your comfort zone, there is really nothing that stands in your way of greatness. It’s one of the harsh realities of life that we all have to understand.

2 Not Everyone Can Be Trusted

While it is often best to give people the benefit of the doubt and search only for the good things about them, it is also important to know that not everyone has your best interests in mind. Many people live a cynical life. They just look out for themselves and don’t care if they have to step on other people’s toes. Sometimes even the people closest to you can turn on you.

3 There is No Way to Avoid Mistakes

If you goal is to live a life void of mistakes, you might as well just give up now because one way or another, you will mess up. While some may say that it’s the pessimistic side of humanity speaking, in reality it’s just the harsh truth. If you live a life scared of making mistakes, you won’t be living a life at all. Living is about learning and growing through your failures, no matter how hard it may be.

4 What’s Done is Done

Have you ever wished to go back in time and change something you did or said? Most likely you have and so has the rest of the world. However why spend your time worrying and stressing over something that you can’t change? What’s done is done and that’s that. Unless you have the power to travel back in time, there is nothing you can do but make the best of it and move on.

5 You Don’t Always Win

If you are anything like me, you probably hate when things don’t go your way. Even when we try hard and put our best effort in, things won’t always go well for us. We won’t always get through the school try-outs, get a promotion or reach our yearly goal because we all have our ups and downs. Always staying on top is not an option, no matter how confident you may be. There is this one saying that goes along these lines: There is always a little rain before you can see a rainbow.

6 You Always Have Less Control than You Think

There are very few things in life you have control over. You might be in control over what you eat for breakfast or how you dress, but other things are just out of your hands. The best you can do is learn how to adapt to changes instead of trying to navigate your life. Sometimes you just have to let fate decide and you never know it might direct you toward something great.

7 Nothing Good Ever Comes Easy

There is one common denominator in life, which is that nothing good and valuable will ever come easy. If you want something, you have to work for it because you can’t expect things to fall into your lap by just passively sitting there. For example if you want to get into the best shape you have ever been, how will reach your goal if you don’t even put the effort into exercising?

What life has taught us in the period of time that we have lived is that there are some harsh realities of life that we cannot escape. We all have to face them and learn about them through experience. What is one thing that you have learned in your lifetime? Share in the comments!

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