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7 Things Only People with Glasses Can Relate to ...

By Vladlena

For people with glasses who weren’t blessed with 20/20 vision, life can get a little complicated in certain aspects. Although they grant us the ability to see, they always stand in our way of doing normal things that other people have no problem doing. Nonetheless, we learn how to deal with those inconveniences no matter how bothersome they may be. In order to let those frustrations out, here are 7 things only people with glasses can relate to.

1 Having to Constantly Push Your Glasses up

It can get a little ridiculous with the amount of times we have to push our glasses up on a daily basis! We get so accustomed to that action that we forget how annoying it can be. I remember one time I was wearing contacts and for some unknown reason, I raised my hand to push my glasses up! That was the moment when I realized that this is one of the main drawbacks and struggles that people with glasses are left to deal with!

2 Exercising is a No-no

Let’s admit it, wearing glasses while exercising is a complete no-no. Your glasses tend to jump up and down on your nose while you are running on the treadmill and your lenses start to fog up when you get heated! So you are left partially blind and dizzy on a moving treadmill. Yes, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but it can be very inconvenient. Therefore, we basically have to set up our exercise schedules around contact lenses. Oh joy!


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3 Rain Makes Us Blind

Rain is one of the first things people with glasses learn to avoid pretty quickly. The droplets that hit out lenses make our glasses lose all of their purpose and leave us blind in the rain. Then we are forced to depend on our blurry natural vision to navigate us through to a dry environment. It’s never fun to lose one of your senses due to the weather.

4 The Annoying Tan from Glasses

With summer comes the burning rays of the sun and with the sun comes the abnormal tan we get from glasses. Although it is not noticeable while having the glasses on, it can look very ridiculous with the glasses off. Especially for those people who tend to periodically switch from glasses to contacts, it requires a lot of work to even out your tan.

5 Getting Makeup Smudged on Your Lenses

Not only do people with glasses have to adjust their makeup routine to accommodate their glasses, but they are also always left with stains on their lenses from freshly applied mascara. Although it is a simple fix, it would be nice to know at least once that you won’t have to worry about your makeup every time you push you glasses up.

6 People Can’t Recognize You without Them

What is interesting is that when people who usually wear glasses decide to switch to contacts for a few days, people tend to look at them as if they have never seen them before. They can’t even get used to you without glasses, which makes the transition from glasses to contacts even harder.

7 Having to Double up during a 3D Movie

People who came up with 3D glasses did not take into consideration the people who wear glasses to adjust their vision. Now we have to deal with the uncomfortable feeling of wearing two layers of glasses and awkwardly peeking at the screen. Although it is manageable, this is one of the simple things that we have to deal with.

Although switching to contacts would solve all of these problems, I simply just don’t have the energy to poke my eye at 6 o’clock in the morning. Glasses have their own perks in addition to their drawbacks. What are some of the things you wish you didn’t have to deal with when wearing glasses?

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