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Have you ever wondered if there are signs you're struggling with addiction? I used to Google this a lot because I couldn't walk away from sugar. It's interesting because the same behavior can be found in people who are addicted to porn, sugar, alcohol and shopping. It's really about the behavior more than it's about the thing you can't do without. Check out this list of signs you're struggling with addiction to see if you may need to take the next step in recovery.

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Being Secretive

I knew that I was struggling with addiction when I would hide my cupcake boxes under the seat in my car. I know, it's awful, but at the time I felt that I couldn't help myself. Have you ever found yourself sneaking in time to feed your addiction? Have you ever lied about where you have been or what you are doing? This is definitely a sign that something isn't right.


Being secretive goes beyond just stashing away evidence; it invades your conversations and interactions with your loved ones. You might find yourself changing the subject when certain topics come up, or offering vague responses to questions about your day-to-day life. This kind of deception can lead to a tangled web of lies that becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. It's a draining cycle that consumes your mental energy, all to keep the guise of normalcy while the addiction quietly dictates your actions.


Loss of Interest

If you find that you are no longer interested in the things that you used to love, this could be another sign of addiction. What usually happens is that you become so consumed with your addiction that nothing else seems to matter. Your friends and family will usually notice. Nothing should consume your time so much that you forget what you truly love.


Mood Swings

I was a total grump if I didn't have a cupcake or cookie. I'm sure that my behavior was confusing on many occasions to the people closest to me because if I couldn't get what I wanted (sugar), I'd get really angry. If I had what I wanted (sugar) then I was on cloud 9. Pay attention to this kind of behavior.



I live in Hollywood so I've unfortunately been around many people who struggle with substance abuse. One of my co-workers used to carry little clear bottles of vodka in her purse and one day I commented on it. Of course she denied that it was an issue. What's wrong with a shot here and there, she'd ask. It's not uncommon to live in denial if you are struggling with addiction because when you live in denial, you don't have to face the truth.



We all need our solitude. But if you notice that someone has totally disappeared or always makes excuses for hanging out, please pay attention. It's not uncommon for people who struggle with addiction to isolate themselves in order to be alone with their addiction. This isn't good because we need others to share what we are going through and help keep us in check.



This is often the response from people who are in denial with their addiction. The natural response is to defend your behavior or yourself in order to rationalize your addictive behavior. If you find that someone you care about lashes out and gets defensive, they aren't ready to deal with their issue. Don't give up on them, but try to be sensitive to where they are in their journey.


Money Issues

I'm so grateful that I didn't spend ALL of my money on sugar. There were times though when I found myself deciding between a healthy lunch and dessert for a meal. Many people who struggle with serious addictions will find themselves having money issues because they are so out of control that they splurge everything they have on the addiction.

Addiction is really difficult to deal with, whether it's you or someone you love and care about. Try to be patient because it's possible for healing and recovery to occur. Have you noticed any of these signs in your life or the life of a loved one?

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I'm addicted to smoking pot almost twenty years now. I get very uneasy if I can't smoke, it's so hard to quit. Hopefully one day though, I'm trying and I recognize I got a problem, way different than just being sugar obsessed lol. Good info though!

Definitely addicted to coffee!

Cynthia sugar addiction is very common nowadays,people eat way too much sugar as it is in so many products pretty sure it can be issue for old ones too ,so there is no limit

Idc what your 'addiction' was in this story. It's right on. I have a close friend who is going through all this. It's exactly how she acts. It's spot on! I enjoyed reading this, bc I can relate.

Seriously.. Using a sugar addiction as a reference point? Maybe if your reader was 12.

I'm addicted to starving myself. It gives me a temporary rush of endorphins and makes me feel like I'm achieving something. It's so wrong and it needs to stop but I don't know how. This addiction is killing me.

This is spot on! I hide candy bars!

We al have an addiction

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