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9 Ways You Know You're a Dancer ...

By Meenakshi

There are some quirks unique to dancers. Wondering what these are? Read on as guest contributor Meenakshi shares her favorites.

I am a dancer and I take great pride in it. What's not to love about dancing? Being a dancer gives you so many opportunities in life. And there are certain quirks to being a dancer too. Some good, some bad, some unique. So what are some of those quirks? Let's find out!

1 You Always Have Bengay Handy

When you're a dancer, injuries are a common thing. Besides when you do it often, you start hurting and feeling body parts that you didn't even know existed. But I personally take pride in all my injuries. It makes me feel strong and accomplished as a dancer. That doesn't change the fact that I always have Bengay wherever I go!

2 Closet Space

My mom hates this, but half your closet is usually dance costumes that you have used in the past. I have the messiest closet ever and one of the main reasons is that half the clothes I have in it are from dance performances. And what's worse, is that some of them are too extravagant to wear to school or even on a regular day out. I keep them because I'm emotionally attached to them and really, can you blame me?

3 The Arguments

You know you're a dancer when you often find yourself in an argument with another athlete. And the topic of the argument is usually how dance is a sport. I have volleyball players, soccer players, track runners, and tennis players, for friends. So when they ask what sport I play and I say I dance, you can imagine how mad I get when they say, "That's not a sport." Well of course it is a sport!

4 Happy Feet

I am someone who can't keep their feet still, go figure. Let's face it, I'd rather go over my dance routine than listen to how E equals to MC squared. I find myself dancing to my next class. What can I say? My dancer feet have a mind of their own.

5 Music

All dancers need is a beat to get a movement going. So when music is playing, it takes a lot of determination to keep themselves down. It's instinct, you hear something, you start thinking, and before you know it, you've just choreographed the whole thing in your head. It's because we're trained to be able to follow a beat. Now I may be exaggerating a little bit here for some people because every dancer responds differently to a beat. How do you respond?

6 Love Life

When you know how to do it, use it. Is dancing your go to flirting move? Dancing is an amazing way to seduce a guy. We dancers have to use what we know best. And when I mean dancing, I don't mean strip-tease! (good lord no). It could be just moving your hips and making eye contact with that cute girl/guy over there that's checking you out.

7 Eyes

Dancing isn't just moving your body back and forth. A dance tells a story that shows passion and emotion. And those kind of things come from your eyes. Again, I don't know if this applies for everyone, but it does for all the dancers I know. Dancers tend to speak with their eyes because that's how we tell the audience what we want them to feel. Now, this can vary from dancer to dancer because there are so many different kinds of dance formats.

8 Have Flexibility

Again, this can vary from dancer to dancer, but we tend to show off our flexibility. Dancers use their whole body so it's no wonder that we can bend our bodies in ways that most people can't. It's one of the reasons football players take ballet sometimes to improve their flexibility.

9 Have Mental Fitness

Like I mentioned before, dancers have good mental fitness. It's because as a dancer, we need discipline because dance training is no joke. Also, dancing in front of lots of people is a lot of stress and anxiety (unfortunately, I am still a little crowd shy but I'm working on it). Memory power also comes into play because you've got to remember your steps, then where to go, then facial expressions, technique, and who your partners are if you have one in a big group. Oi Vey!

Dancing is not an easy thing to learn, but it is so worth it! Dancing is what makes the world a beautiful place and we want to keep it that way. But I want to say something to all those dancers out there. There is always going to be someone out there who is better than you. But that is no reason to give up. Use it as motivation because that is what dancing is all about. Working hard and doing the best you can do. Don't let anything stop you from dancing because its the most wonderful talent you can have. It's one of those rare things that come from the soul. So what ever dancing you do, whether it be Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Bharatnatyam, Salsa, or anything else, keep dancing!What kind of dances do you guys do? What's your favorite part about being a dancer?

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