10 Things That Just Don't Matter Once You Turn 25 ...


10 Things That Just Don't Matter Once You Turn 25 ...
10 Things That Just Don't Matter Once You Turn 25 ...

As you age, certain things stop being important to you, because your priorities change. That means that the things you love right now might not mean much to you in a few years. According to Cosmopolitan, these things don't matter once you turn 25:

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Wearing Makeup Every Single Day

Wearing Makeup Every Single Day The older you are, the more comfortable you'll feel in your skin. That means you won't feel the need to constantly cover your face with makeup. You'll save it for the days you're going out.


How Popular You Were at Any Previous Stage of Your Life

How Popular You Were at Any Previous Stage of Your Life When you're 25, it doesn't matter if you were once the prom queen or the biggest loser in your high school. No one is going to remember or care.



Facebook You used to spend hours stalking your classmates to see who was dating who, but that won't matter once you're 25. You'll only use Facebook to chat with close friends, and that's about it.


How Many People You Slept with in College

How Many People You Slept with in College It doesn't matter if your number is high or low. As long as you had a good time, that's all that counts.


How Much Money Your Parents Have

screenshot, aMC, You're on your own, so if your parents don't have an extra twenty bucks to give you, it won't bother you. You can take care of yourself.


Where You Shop

performance art, musical theatre, fashion, You're no longer embarrassed to admit that you shop at KMart. After all, fellow adults will be impressed that you can put together such a good outfit without paying an arm and a leg.


How Cool Your Friday Night Plans Are

How Cool Your Friday Night Plans Are As long as you're able to relax on Friday, you'll be happy, even if Netflix is the only one to keep you company.


If You Achieved Goals Set to Accomplish by 25

mouth, interaction, got, nothing, but, When you reach 25 and realize you don't have that job, boyfriend, achievement you said you would by then, you'll realize it doesn't matter. There's no time limit on accomplishing your dreams so there's no need to set an age limit to reach them.


Being Good at Sports

sports, player, ball game, football player, team sport, When you reach your mid-20s no one cares if you were captain of the cheerleading squad, or on the football team, or star baseball player. You'll be praised for minimal exercise effort because the older you get the more you realize it's harder to squeeze in those few jogs around the block than it once was.


If You Had a Boyfriend in High School

black and white, monochrome photography, just, wanna, with, High school boyfriends and even some early college ones don't really count. They're the training bra for when you grow up and actually start dating, so don't feel bad if you went through high school and weren't hanging on some guys arm having him walk you to class. You may be less experienced but you certainly aren't less of a person for it!

Do any of these things matter to you?

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@Isabella Rossignuolo nice to meet you

I think this post is for raunchy girls, little girls who don't know better for themselves. I rarely ever makeup cus I don't need it, I can give two damns about what people think where I shop, and this is pathetic! @Liz exactly! You should value yourself enough to not have to be taught any of these things here, sex is a sin if you're not married and for alka sex is a form of love, a way to express love. But when you know what love really is, you're not gonna open your legs to every man you want to have sex with.

24 and I start to realize these things more through the years

If you do not want to have sex until marriage that is a wonderful choice for you, but do not shame other girls because they have. Sex is a fantastic thing! No shaming people please

Omg why does there always have to be people thinking waaaayyy too much into things. I love it! It's all so so true!

@Shilan92 hi

This is my life basically. Everything on the list. And I am just 20

So true!

@alka beautifully said!

I already think this way and I'm 21 haha :)

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