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10 Things to Always Remember about Life ...

By Lucy

Not only should we always remember these things, but we should also spread the word and encourage others to do the same. Sometimes we can lose sight of what's important in life, but with the helpful words and the encouragement of others, we are able to remember and take charge of our lives again.

1 Remember to Be Yourself

Remember to Be YourselfTo always be yourself is to know exactly who you are. This can take some people many years to establish their own identity. But once you do, you realize what a rewarding and fulfilling life you can give yourself. You can establish boundaries, focus on a direction and live according to your values and beliefs. No one on this planet is exactly the same as you and you're completely unique and original, so what's not to love?

2 Remember Everything You Have to Offer

Remember Everything You Have to OfferThink about what it means to 'give' to another person and to offer them all that we have, but also to realize some of our amazing qualities and traits which we didn't even know we possessed until now. Sometimes we underestimate ourselves and think we're not capable of offering or giving much until you find someone who you have a great urge to provide for in more ways than one. This is when you truly start to realise all that you're capable of and you learn so much about yourself.


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3 Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You AreAlways remember who you are, and that includes where you're from, your morals, your values, your standards and everything else that equals you. You owe it to yourself to remember all of these things because they are (and will always be) what makes up you as a person and what makes you who you are today.

4 Remember Everything You Deserve

Remember Everything You DeserveWe are often our biggest critics and we are the hardest on ourselves, but at the end of the day, everyone deserves certain things like happiness, love and peace. Everyone deserves to have their own happy ending. Always remember all the things you deserve in life by means sticking to your standards and not settling for anything short of what you deserve.

5 Remember Perfection is Unattainable

Remember Perfection is UnattainableWe only have one short life so please don't spend it trying to be the image of perfection. We're all authentic, genuine and real people - these make us human. We need to have flaws and weaknesses so that we have areas to work on and ultimately improve. We need to be able to make mistakes so that we can learn from them afterwards. We need to live without feeling a whole lot of pressure to live up to the unrealistic expectation that is perfection.

6 Remember to Speak from the Heart

Remember to Speak from the HeartAlways be completely honest and genuine with others by speaking from the heart and saying exactly how you feel. Be proud to be outspoken and the fact that you have the ability to be honest where others may choose to be unauthentic and untruthful. There's no shame in saying how you feel in any situation. There's also no shame in voicing you opinion and your view, even if others disagree with you. And lastly, there's no reason why our voices shouldn't be heard by everyone.

7 Remember to Be Open-minded

Remember to Be Open-mindedBeing open-minded is a choice to see the world in a positive way, to keep a wide perspective while we give ourselves the chance to consider new ideas and be a part of more life experiences. In this way, it will open many doors to you and lead you somewhere amazing where you will never want to look back. Another way you can be open-minded is to get into the habit of seeing every aspect of something, so that you're able to evaluate situations with a critical eye with a clear mind.

8 Mistakes Are a Part of Life

eyewear, hair, glasses, black, vision care,Life is all about failure. You will stumble and fall many many times as you grow up. It's what you do with those mistakes that defines you. Good and bad events are what gives you wisdom, knowledge, and strength. Through all the stumbles in life you learn what you want to become and how you want to live. You learn what you believe in and you learn what you want out of every aspect of your life for true happiness. Never regret a mistake for it taught you a valuable lesson.

9 Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

human action, eating, meal, sense, food,The life your living is a culmination of all the thoughts you've had up to this point. Pretty crazy huh? Your low self esteem, your self worth, your fear of failure, all of those started as single thoughts at one point in time. It was how you perceived yourself once that shaped you into your reality today. So, with that newfound knowledge, take those thoughts and shift them. Negativity goes out the window because the more positive you think, the more positive your future will be.

10 You Will Only Regret What You Don't do

clothing, dress, fashion, supermodel, spring,Oh how true this is! Sure, we all have experiences we regret happening, but I bet you say you regret NOT trying more than you regret trying. Whether it's a relationship, a new job, a big move, I assure you, you will consume yourself more with the what-ifs of not doing it; than with the regrets of doing and failing.

Do you have any important things you always remember about life?

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