10 Lessons You Will Learn from Living Your Life ...


10 Lessons You Will Learn  from Living Your Life ...
10 Lessons You Will Learn  from Living Your Life ...

There are thousands of life lessons that we can learn from, and each one of them will leave you with an important message to take away and possibly apply to your own life. Here are just a few for you to enjoy and learn from!

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Be Everything You Are

Be Everything You Are Life is too short to be trying or pretending to be something you're not. If you spend your time trying to do this how can you truly appreciate all the great, amazing things that you are? Think about all your qualities and learn to be proud of everything you are, even your flaws and weaknesses.


Always Be Yourself

Always Be Yourself There is nothing more brave than always being yourself, no matter what. Don't compare yourself to others because this is when we can easily lose sight of ourselves and why we're special in our own way. There's no one else like you in the whole entire world so why wouldn't you want to make the most of that by simply being yourself?


Make Time for Hobbies

Make Time for Hobbies No matter how busy your schedule may be, always remember to make time for yourself and fill it with the things you love doing. This is when you will truly thrive the most and feel at your happiest. Sometimes you just have to believe that everything else can wait while you take time out to fully enjoy yourself.


Don't Give up on Your Dreams

Don't Give up on Your Dreams We have dreams for a reason, and they reflect everything that we hope to achieve. Dreams are what keeps us motivated and teach us to strive, to reach higher in order to achieve what we want. If we give up on our dreams, we will quickly lose motivation and also lose sight of why they're so beneficial to our lives.


Separate Right from Wrong

Separate Right from Wrong Learn what the right and wrong things are for you personally so that you can gain clarity and only go after the positive things that are beneficial to you. Don't waste your time chasing something that's not right for you, you won't gain anything from it and it won't get you anywhere in the long run.


Life is What You Make It

Life is What You Make It Don't think about what your life should be like, instead think about what it currently is and all the things in it that you love. Think about your friends and family, your hobbies and interests and things you love doing. That is what your life is meant to be and it's time to stop thinking the grass is always greener on the other side (often it's not) and enjoy what you do have instead.


Mistakes Are Inevitable

Mistakes Are Inevitable Everyone is going to make mistakes because it's an important part of life. How would we ever learn how to do things better next time if we never made mistakes? Mistakes are what makes us human and gives us the chance to constantly learn, using this new knowledge to improve ourselves in every way we can.


Pain is the Greatest Lesson

Star for Life, text, handwriting, font, writing, Sometimes it takes getting hurt in order to learn. Whether it's heartache from love, a death, or loss of a friendship, you will never truly learn your lesson unless you keep the pain. Forgiveness is important in closure, but you need to keep the pain to prevent your mistakes from happening again.


From the Bad Comes the Good

text, font, flower, plant, land plant, It's true when they say you can only get a rainbow after the rain. You must deal with the bad in life in order to fully appreciate the good that comes. It's important to cherish all the moments of your life, whether as sweet memories, or as lessons learned. They shaped you into who you are today.


You Control Your Happiness

text, font, handwriting, organ, writing, Are you going to let someone dictate your happiness? No, at least, you shouldn't. You are in control of how each and every day goes. Sure, it's okay to have bad days. But, it's when you let the bad overrun the good that it allows you to never be happy. There are 1,440 minutes in a single day. That's 86,400 seconds. Are you going to let 10 bad seconds of someone saying something ruin the other 86,390? No! Choose to be in control of your feelings and you will have joyous times more often than not.

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This was JUST what I needed to hear since my divorce was final 4/11! Such a blessing!! Thank you!


So so true four is on point but ladies enjoy life


Thank you I needed this! (:

Thank you I needed this


I can't agree more!

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