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10 Funny Quotes to Live by ...

By Lauren

Although I do love serious inspirational quotes that I can live by, I love funny quotes that I can adapt to my life even more. Most likely because I am a very comical person and enjoy the funny parts of life rather than the serious ones. Either way, there are tons of quotes you can learn to live by and not all of them need to be so serious! To understand what I mean, read on to learn 10 funny quotes to live by and how I applied the meaning from each to my own life.

1 "Always Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be a Unicorn. then Always Be a Unicorn."

This is my favorite of these funny quotes to live by because I love the meaning behind it (that I found at least). When you think of a unicorn, you think of a beautiful, magical, mythical, rare creature. I don't know about you, but I would love it if someone referred to me as being beautiful and rare. Thus, I always remember to be myself, but if there's a situation where I could come across as being beautiful, magical, or rare in nature...I do it!

2 "Sometimes I Ask Myself, What Would the Honey Badger do?"

If you've seen the funny honey badger viral video that's on YouTube, then you may already know what the answer to this quote is. Written in nicer (reader friendly) terms, the honey badger doesn't care. I live by this quote because I usually care too much about everything and everyone. It's good to care, but sometimes you just need to learn to let go and not care about people or events that get you down.

3 "God Created Man and then Said, 'I Can do Better than That' and Created Woman."

It's no secret that sometimes it's hard being a woman in this world. So whenever I may be feeling down thinking that my life is harder being a woman, I always think of this quote and laugh. It also makes me feel better if a guy makes a sexist joke or someone cat calls me when I'm just trying to walk down the street. I am woman, and I am proud!

sumaya #4 #6 and#8 are my Favorites...

4 "I Heard You're a Player. Nice to Meet You, I'm the Coach."

This line is so clever that it amazes me how I only just came across it recently! It sucks to fall for someone who's a player. Always remind yourself that if someone is a player, be their coach and not their game. Be the one who stands up to them and tells them no because you're better than that. The fastest way you can put a player in their to "bench" them!

5 "I Don't do Drugs, I Am Drugs."

This is actually a pretty well known quote by Salvador Dali and I like it a lot. Many people have scrutinized what the meaning is behind this quote but here's how I live by it. Don't do your own drug. I've never done drugs and that's because I find that I can be happy, crazy, and have a good time without them! Or, you can live to be someone else's "drug," as in someone else's excitement, happiness, and fun!

6 "Sometimes You Have to Burn a Few Bridges to Keep the Crazies from following You."

This is a funny quote to remind yourself that some people are better off being left behind. If someone is only dragging you down, you need to move on and leave them behind. There's enough people in this world who want to bring you down, so surround yourself with people who want to lift you higher. In the literal sense, if you do have crazy people in your life, leave them behind too! You never know when they might snap and bring you down with them!

7 "Coffee Has Given Me Unrealistic Expectations of Productivity."

This quote is really funny because I personally feel like a totally different person when I drink coffee. I only drink coffee sparingly, like if I didn't sleep well or have a long day ahead of me. Thus, the caffeine really affects me and I become super productive! Now, however, if I can't have my coffee fix, I don't feel as productive and it's a total let down to know that coffee was like a "performance enhancer" for productivity.

8 "Be the Kind of Woman Who, when Your Feet Hit the Floor in the Morning, the Devil Says, 'Oh No, She's up!'"

I used to not understand this quote but now I think I finally get the meaning behind it. Be the type of woman that's such a good person that you upset the devil. Wake up wanting to achieve good things for yourself and help others achieve good things as well. Start every day planning to do good in the world!

9 "Growing Old Can Be Fun...if You do It with the Right People."

This kind of reminds me of the How I Met Your Mother "front porch test" where Marshall and Lily only want Ted to date someone who they can picture sitting on their front porch with when they're old. Make sure that the company you keep, you will still enjoy when you're older. Make sure you commit to someone only if you can picture each other together when you're old and gray, stay true to your best friends who you picture having wheel chair races with, and remember your family is just as important as they will stick around when everyone else is gone!

10 "Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are."

This quote always makes me giggle. My dog always acts like I'm the greatest person in the world. He gets so excited when I come home, he follows me everywhere, he gets happy whenever I talk to him, and he always wants to play with me. My dog thinks I'm awesome, nice, and trustworthy...and I hope others think that of me too!

I hope that you will adopt some of these funny quotes into your own life! The world is full of sad and serious situations, so why wouldn't you want some humorous insight to get you through your tough days? What quote do you try to live by? Which of these quotes would you want to live by?

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