8 Quotes to Boost Your Self Image ...


Sometimes all you need are a few encouraging words to boost your self image. Wambui's choice of quotes are perfect for a pick me up! Thanks Wambui :)

Most of us have our moments of self doubt. We start listening to the voice in our head that tells us we are not good enough or that we can’t do it. I like using inspirational quotes especially when I feel stuck. Here are 8 quotes that can sure give your self esteem a boost.

1. ««to Acquire True Self Power You Have to Feel beneath No One, Be Immune to Criticism and Be Fearless.» - Deepak Chopra

This mind and body healing teacher, tell us that our thoughts manifest as matter in our bodies. So learn to stop criticizing yourself - remember you are in this world once so don’t waste your time doubting yourself. Instead learn to send positive messages to yourself with loving self talk. Once you do this, you are certain to start attracting positive energy.

«to Forgive is to Set a Prisoner Free and Discover That the Prisoner Was You.» - Lewis B. Smedes,