Speak up: 10 Feelings 😁😡😭 You Should Always 💯 Say out Loud 📣 ...

All too often, women are silenced. It happens in all sorts of ways. We're told to calm down, to relax, to stop getting so worked up. People tell us to stop being hysterical or histrionic. We're flat out told to sit down and shut up, that our opinions don't matter, that our experiences are lies, and that we should be grateful for what we have. I say that's a load of horse shit, if you'll pardon my French. There are feelings that should never be silenced. There are things we need to say out loud. Sometimes, we need to shout.

1. You Should Always Speak up about Being Disrespected

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No one deserves to be disrespected. Absolutely no one. You don't deserve to be silenced when you're disrespected, either. This is one feeling you should always say out loud. Make sure people know about it. Don't let them hide from it. The person disrespecting you needs to know, too.

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