Happiness is ...

By Jennifer

 Happiness is ...

What is happiness? I say it's a cup of tea and a good book. Which one of these would make you happiest? Let's have a look.

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1 So, so True...

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2 Texting is Fine, but...

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"Experience the joy of companionship with our furry friends. Especially, with small dogs, which are considered an excellent choice for indoor pets. Their compact size, lively character, and unmatched loyalty bring sheer happiness into our lives. An ideal choice for modern women looking for a furry companion in their active lifestyle."

3 Do You Sing along? I do... 🎵

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4 Even if You're Clumsy like Me

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5 Aww... so Sweet... 💕

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6 Say Cheese! 🧀

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7 I Love when This Happens!

Millennium Development Goals, text, font, line, brand,

8 Even if You're Totally a Grown-up

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9 Like Olaf, Maybe?

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10 Again, Even if You're Totally a Grown-up 🦋

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11 Especially on a Friday!

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12 Absolutely!

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13 I Love My Dad!

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14 People Still do This, Right? 💌

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15 Procrastinating...

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16 Smooch! 💋

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17 My Sister is the Best

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18 My Life

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19 Every Time 📚

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20 ... and Singing along...

line, font, shape, diagram, HAPPINESS,

21 I Love This!

font, line, brand, shape, HAPPINESS, To see more of what happiness means, follow on Instagram at @the.official.happpiness.is.

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Just love all ...

I'd say Happines is a good book or finding out the dress you loved is on sale! That happened to me this week at Lily Boutique! Ahhh! Great post!

Gonna blare music soooooo loud today and jam the hell out!!!!! So need it!!!

Number 19 I used to enjoyed while watching over the farm of my father, haha to chase away those birds that tryin to eat the paddy's ahhahaha missing so much those moment! So beautiful in the peaceful village.. My Mom its a teacher so the goverment moved her in the village, so I was born in the village n was so wonderful! And now number 20 lol! ;) :) :D

But I would change 10 to watching my dog chase butterflies.

Love it...cute.

They were all so good

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