8 Things You Should Say to Yourself Each Morning ...


8 Things You Should Say to Yourself Each Morning ...
8 Things You Should Say to Yourself Each Morning ...

With so many uplifting things to say to yourself in the morning, most of us still choose silence. Morning affirmations can make your day go from good to fantastic, all with a few simple words. The best thing to say to ourselves each and every morning is “I love you.” Once we start loving the skin we’re in and the person we have become, life will be lived how it was intended. Here are the 8 things I believe you should say to yourself each and every morning.

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I Am Good Enough

So many of us don’t believe the statement “I am good enough.” I would be too sad to actually look up the statistic, but I know that it’s not at 0% and that means it’s far more than it should be. Wake up and tell yourself you are good enough… Why? Because everyone is, and when the confidence you have hiding comes out to play, you will be living the life you deserve.


I Am Beautiful

One of the most important things to say to yourself each and every morning is “I am beautiful.” The only reason why one would not believe this phrase is because they’ve let society get to them. You've heard it before and I’ll tell you again: beauty is only skin deep. It’s what is inside that makes us gorgeous. Be the reason women in this world love themselves inside out. Start by making a change in yourself and you’ll be surprised how many follow suit.


I Am Worthy

Another affirmation that far too many woman don’t say to themselves, “I am worthy.” Whether you don’t say it because you have not given it thought or you don’t believe it… start now. You are worthy, we are all worthy of life. Let’s all thank our lucky stars we are here today and make the best of it. Live your life like it's your last day on earth, you’ll be surprised how your priorities change.


I Love You

Look in the mirror and say this one aloud, but not until you mean it, “I love you.” Love is a very strong and powerful word. Once you feel that you can love yourself for who you are today, you can let others love you. This is one of the things to say to yourself not only in the morning, but every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror.


I Can do It

Too many of us don’t believe we can do it for all different reasons. Starting today, we put this ridiculous behavior to rest. You can do anything and you will. “I can do it,” say this to yourself. Anytime you dream about what you wish you were doing and not what you’re currently wasting time with, say it. Say “I can do it and I will do it.” You can only do what you set your mind, heart and soul to, so what are you waiting for?


Today Will Be a Good Day

When you tell yourself this enough, your body will begin to trust what you are saying and you will make good things happen. “Today will be a good day” -- why? Because you said so. A positive and happy heart will always gather and create good things for itself. An affirmation that is a simple 6 words can change the next 24 hours of your life. Start today.


I’m Perfect the Way I Am

A lot of us woman, including myself, are constantly striving for a goal. A new body, a better outlook, a change in style… whatever it maybe, appreciate yourself the way you are right now. Be thankful that you are alive and able to dream big. I am not saying you shouldn't have desires and goals, what I am simply saying is love yourself now, because the journey to your goal will be much more enjoyable. These things to say to yourself are simple, yet so life changing when felt honestly.


I Am Grateful

Waking up can sometimes be a task but it's a necessity. Put all the snooze alarms and complaining aside and be grateful you are actually breathing. Far too many are taken too soon in life and we can forget the real reasons to be grateful. An extremely important thing to say to ourselves is “I am grateful to be alive.” Let this be the first thing you say each and every morning, and something tells me you might be a little less hurtful to the guy that cuts you off this morning.

There are many things to say to yourself each and every morning that are positive. These are 8 important affirmations that I believe are crucial, so they make great beginnings. Tell me, what are some things you say to yourself to start your morning off just right?

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Keep your days positive! (via Twitter)

Ignore the crazy one directioner. This is so sweet;3

Great post, beautiful to read


Thanks needed this today !

8. I Am Grateful (via Twitter)


Dont forget to say a prayer as well (via Twitter)

This is really awesome!!! :)

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