20 Incredibly Useful Tips for Everyday Living ...


20 Incredibly Useful Tips for Everyday Living ...
20 Incredibly Useful Tips for Everyday Living ...

Tips for everyday living come in handy more often than you might think! When you can be in-the-know on small, and seemingly irrelevant or insignificant things, not only can you get things done faster and more efficiently, but you can save money as well! I’ve written this list with some really cool tips for daily living that just might make your day go a little smoother if you put one or all of these tips into practice. I hope that these everyday living tips will enable you to save time or money and be in some way beneficial to you!

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Morning Coffee

If you are a coffee drinker, the best thing you can do for yourself is to buy a coffee pot with a timer. You can set the coffee pot to start making coffee right when you get up! This everyday living tip will save you time in your rushed mornings, and we know how important that is! By implementing this idea, you will also save money in the long run as it’s cheaper to buy a bag of coffee as opposed to a cup of coffee everyday. And just think how much easier it will be to get up out of bed in the A.M with your coffee hot and ready to go!


Dinner Fix

One of my top tips for everyday living is to fix dinner before you leave your house in the morning. After a long day at work or running errands, no one wants to come home and have to cook, but it’s still nice to have a home-cooked dinner ready. All you need is a crock-pot! You can find many delicious and healthy crock-pot recipes online; so don’t hesitate to try this awesome tip!


Grocery Bags

Are you all about being green and eco-friendly? Then this tip is for you! Try carrying a re-useable bag to the grocery store. If you only need to pick up a few things a re-useable grocery bag will be perfect! Even if you’re not on a campaign to save the trees, carrying a re-usable grocery bag will cut back on bags that you have to recycle or toss out, so give this everyday living tip a try!


Easier Clean-up

Some of my favorite items to use in the kitchen are the items that aid with faster and easier clean up. Paper products can get pricey if you use them for every meal, so don’t do that. But always have a good stash of other stuff on hand. I use an abundance of paper towels, aluminum foil, saran wrap, wax paper and crock-pot liners. Use paper towels to wipe up spills right away so you don’t need to scrub later. And aluminum foil can be used to line pans for faster washing later! I use saran wrap to line my Tupperware before storing things in fridge or pantry. When you finish using the container, simply rinse and go!


Ant Killer

Do you suffer from ants invading your home? Ants can be a real pain, so here’s one of my favorite tips for everyday living. Use cornmeal to get rid of them! Make small piles of it in inconspicuous areas in your home. Ants will eat the cornmeal, and then carry it back to their homes. Cornmeal is poisonous to ants, so within a few days, expect to see your ant problems vanished! And cornmeal is not hazardous to children or animals, so it’s much safer to use than bug poison.


Baking Tip

I love to bake and cook, so this tip for everyday living has often come in handy for me! When using sticky substances like peanut butter or honey, fill your measuring cup with hot water first. Allow the cup to set for a few seconds and then dump the water out, but don’t dry the cup. Immediately pour your ingredients into the measuring cup and take note of how easily it will slide out! No more scraping and dumping!


Preserve Fresh Fruit Longer

One of my tips for everyday living is for keeping your fruit fresh, and it really works! I always purchase my bananas with a good amount of green left on them so that they won't over ripen too quickly, but they still seemed to be squishy and brown in no time. That’s when I learned about taking them off of their stems. Separating your bananas from their bunch will prevent them from ripening too quickly and give you more time to eat them all!


Dryer Tip

Did you know that a full lint filter isn’t the only thing that can clog a dryer up? Here’s a tip for everyday living that everyone should know! Your dryer sheets can create a build up of waxy film on your lint vent over time. This build up can block heat from getting to your dryer and cause your dryer to work extra hard, cutting its lifespan in half. Once every six months, you should scrub your lint vent with warm, soapy water and an old toothbrush. By doing this you are extending the life of your dryer and getting your clothes dry faster!


Cleaning up Broken Glass

I recently broke a glass item on my floor and spent an hour cleaning up all the glass. But I still missed a few pieces because my dog stepped in some and cut his foot! I wish I would have know this tip for cleaning up broken glass then. Use a wet cotton ball to pick up miniscule pieces of broken glass. The cotton fibers attract the glass particles that your broom might miss. What a great everyday living tip!


Homemade Candles

Candles get used quite often in my home, as I love to burn them, so this tip for everyday living is one of my favorites! If you love the smell of coffee, choose your favorite scent and fill a cup with coffee beans. I like vanilla the best! Place a small tea light candle in the center on top of the beans and light it. Pretty soon your whole house will smell good! And tea lights are much less expensive than a new candle.


Clear Ice Cubes

Throwing a party soon? Then here’s one of the tips for everyday living that you need to implement! Create clear ice cubes for a perfect drink by boiling water and then freezing it into ice trays. You can add a sprig of mint or julep for an extra festive touch! Regular tap water creates cloudy looking ice cubes, but boiled water makes clear cubes!


Clean Your Stovetop

My stove is a gas stove, and it can be a real pain to clean those burners off. That’s why I was thrilled to discover this tip for everyday living! All you need is a gallon size plastic baggie and some ammonia. Seal each burner into an individual baggie overnight with 1 cup of ammonia in each baggie. Make sure to leave each bag in a container or in the sink in case of leaks. The next morning, simply wipe and rinse each burner! CAUTION: DO NOT EVER LEAVE AMMONIA UNATTENDED WHEN SMALL CHILDREN OR ANIMALS ARE PRESENT. DO NOT EVER MIX AMMONIA WITH ANYTHING, AND SEEK IMMEDIETE MEDICAL ATTENTION IF AMMONIA IS INGESTED OR COMES INTO CONTACT WITH EYES. ALWAYS BE SAFE!


Wash out Your Tub

Want to know one of my best tips for everyday living? Cleaning the shower is not one of those chores I look forward to, so in order to make it easier on myself, I tried this hint! Fill a reusable dish scrubber with ½ cup of dish soap and ½ cup white vinegar. Once a week, in the shower, scrub down your shower walls and floor and let it rinse away. How easy is that! You should still do a monthly shower cleaning using bleach to kill any mold or bacteria that may grow.


Perfect Nail Polish

If you need tips for everyday living that include beauty tricks, here’s one for the books! Don’t pay for a costly manicure anymore, instead, just do it yourself! I was always hesitant to paint my own nails because I make a huge mess, but this everyday living tip really changed my mind! Before you paint your nails, rub Vaseline around your cuticles. Use caution not to get any Vaseline on your nails! As you paint your nails, if you get any polish on your skin, use a q-tip to swab it off right away. The Vaseline will prevent the polish from immediately drying and sticking to your skin.


Safeguard Items at the Beach

My favorite vacation spot is the beach, but I’m always so hesitant to take my camera or any valuables with me. And who wants to hang at the beach all day without any money or a camera to take pictures? This tip for everyday living solved my problem! Wash out an empty sunscreen or lotion bottle. Make sure the top is removable and the opening is wide. Now you can use the bottle to store your phone, money, jewelry, and other items inside!


Identify Keys Quickly

When you have 50 keys on your key ring, identifying keys can take more than a minute of your time. Here’s the tip for everyday living I came up with to help solve that problem! Use different colors of nail polish to paint the tops of each key. Then you only have to remember which color is for which location or door! It’s very simple, and your key ring will look cute with its very own colorful personality.


Save Delivery Boxes

If you order things online often, don’t throw out the boxes! You’d be surprised by how often those boxes or envelopes can come in handy. You can re-use them to mail items in, just make sure you mark out the previous addresses. Other purposes include art projects, storage and organization, or gift-wrapping. And you can think of other ways to use delivery boxes on your own if you are a creative soul!


Shop Only 3 Times a Year

One of the best tips for everyday living is to never fall prey to last minute shopping. I like to designate three specific times a years to shop for Christmas, birthday and anniversary gifts. I usually plan for it around season changes when there are good sales going on. Last minute shopping will encourage you to quickly buy the first thing you find, which may cause you to overspend your budget. Shop when there is no pressure and you can browse the sales racks. You will always have a gift on hand for unexpected moments if you pick up an extra gift card or two if you have the spare cash, then you can always use the gift cards yourself if you never need them. Other items I like to keep on hand that I generally pick up when I do my regular grocery shopping include cards for any occasion, gift-wrap, soft drinks, nut mixes, or chips. You never know when you’ll get invited to a casual get-together last minute, and you don’t want to show up empty handed!


Make Freezer Meals

Try this tip for everyday living tonight. As you cook dinner, make double the amount you normally would. Freeze the extra you just made, and then you can have it one night when you don’t have time or don’t feel like cooking! Now that’s thinking the practical way!


Reduce Static Cling

Winter is always the worse time for static cling, so it’s the perfect time to put this tip for everyday living into good use! Put a safety pin on the inside of the garment that is giving you grief, right along the hem. If you’re wearing slacks, put one on each leg. This works particularly well if you have static cling between a dress and a slip or a pair of pantyhose. The metal in the safety pin offsets the static electricity!

What do you think of my tips for everyday living? I’m always on the lookout for new, fun, and interesting tips for daily living that can help save time and money! If you have any everyday living tips of your own to share, please comment below. I love to hear from my readers, and I certainly love hearing fresh, new and genius ideas! Thanks for reading!

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Awesome tips thank youu!!<3:))

Great tips !!

I didn't know you could get crock pot liners! Love the safety pin tip, I'll definitely try that one :)

Another nail polish tip is to put tape around your nail before painting and then taking the tape off afterwards.

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