7 Important Etiquette Tips for Daily Life ...


7 Important Etiquette Tips for Daily Life ...
7 Important Etiquette Tips for Daily Life ...

Etiquette tips, especially those with roots dating back in history, can seem like old-fashioned formalities with little place in our fast-paced, modern societies. (Think women curtsying to greet men - nowadays, an unlikely sight, and thank goodness!) That being said, there are certain aspects to a refined pedigree not to be overlooked in their value. Simple, everyday etiquette and good manners can benefit us all - interacting with each other more respectfully, striving to connect more meaningfully, and holding certain events to a greater standard of decorum. Easy-to-do, modern strategies will add polish to your presentation, and perhaps even have those around you upping their own social standards. Here are some of the most important etiquette tips for daily life.

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Pretty Please

My grand-mother used to say that you can catch more of what you want if you ask for it with a little sugar and honey - “please” is the verbal equivalent to sweetening a sentence, yet somehow, it seems to have all but disappeared from modern vocabulary. A fundamental basis of good manners and one of the simplest etiquette tips, “please” is a powerful communication tool that can be used to convey respect, and best of all, increase the chances of you getting what you are asking for. Big results for such a sweet, little word.



A valuable component to our etiquette tips, proper introductions can be an immensely rewarding and socially positive experience if done right. At an event or party, they immediately put people at ease and can enhance the experience for everyone; in business, they can open doors to networking; and everywhere else, they are just good form for those involved - an opportunity to connect and bring people together. The key to a great introduction is taking time to highlight interests or qualities complimentary to each person, and to be inclusive... You never know who you yourself may meet in the process. (Hello, Mr. Right!)


Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are one of the best ways to take everyday etiquette to the next level. There is something so lovely, so polished, and appreciative about receiving a hand-written note - it indicates gratitude, thoughtfulness, and refinement all at once. Aside from social graces, a thank you note can also be a great strategy professionally, letting a potential employer or business contact know you enjoyed meeting, and thanking them for investing time with you. No stationary on hand? Email is an option, especially for professional capacities, but no matter how you send it, the most important factor is to ensure the message is well-written and gracious.


If You Have Nothing Nice to Say...

Our world has grown in so many wonderful ways, it is astounding to think of how efficiently we are able to communicate with one another, express ideas, and impact people all around the world. The tails side to this coin, however, is that this same growth has made it possible for a great deal of negativity to flood the platform of public opinion, and often, it is done without repercussion through a computer. Good manners starts with maintaining accountability for our behavior; watching what we say and how we say it; and taking in to consideration the impact our words have on others. By all means express yourself, but in terms of proper etiquette, think twice and say it nice.


Table Manners

There was a time, not that long ago, when people dressed for dinner and respected the art of fine dining in a much different way than they do now. Perhaps our casual nature surrounding meal time has brought a sense of comfort and closeness that did not exist in more structured times, however good manners really should be just as important at the dinner table as ever. Taking reasonably sized bites, chewing with your mouth closed, asking for things to be passed respectfully, and maintaining a level of decorum - these simple etiquette tips will ensure you are a pleasure to dine with. Bon appetit!



Technology has advanced leaps and bounds in recent years and has brought with it a new era of etiquette tips dedicated entirely to managing the impact of our relationship with items like cell phones and computers. The most important considerations for technologically good manners? When using a mobile phone, be mindful of the volume of your ringer, the level of the conversation, and the location in which you are having it. Email is convenient and easy, but remember to include proper greetings, check your spelling and grammar, and keep your content polite.


Time Management

We have all been there - racing around with an over-booked schedule, trying to get from one meeting or errand to the next, working so hard to fit it all in... Time management is one of the most important everyday etiquette tools as it impacts nearly every interaction in your life. Over-booking yourself, keeping people waiting, and not giving each situation its required attention can be both exhausting and stressful, as well as incredibly rude and off-putting to those around you. Set realistic expectations for the amount you can accomplish each day, including a buffer for unexpected delays. You will not only feel better, but you will be treating those around you with greater respect - definitely a win-win.

For proper etiquette, the simplest concepts are often the most fundamental - polite wording, good manners, and consideration for others can go a long way in adding the extra polish needed to benefit both your professional and personal lives. Take the time to brush up on your social graces and you will be seen as the lovely lady you truly are in no time. Are there etiquette tips you can add to this list?

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Very well said. These tips are reminders to everyday lives. Thanks for sharing. Btw, do you have any writings about friendships?

Here's one for you. When watching an older person dance, and obviously getting into it, DO NOT act amused and say "bless her heart. Look at her go". Someday you all will be there and no one wants to be reminded of how much they have aged.

Language is another really important aspect to be considered for etiquette also I believe! From being mindful of swearing to using colloquial language, each has its time and place... Just be sure that swearing is kept to your close friends who can handle it and that you're not calling your boyfriend's Mum chick, honey or something similar!

These are all fantastic etiquette tips! Thank you so much for reading and contributing!

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