7 Things a Game of Thrones Newbie Needs to Know ...


7 Things a Game of Thrones Newbie Needs to Know ...
7 Things a Game of Thrones Newbie Needs to Know ...

Whether you are a Game of Thrones newbie or you’ve read through all five books and are impatiently waiting the next, you’ll have noticed the GoT fever sweeping over the world. The third season of the TV adaptation hit our screens this week, and HBO were expecting mammoth audiences across the globe. But if you are just getting into George R.R Martin’s amazing world, here’s the things a Game of Thrones newbie needs to know…

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It’s Called Westeros…

It’s Called Westeros… Game of Thrones is set in a land called Westeros. North Westeros is permanently in Winter, and is split from the south by a giant 700ft high wall, manned by a brotherhood of soldiers called the Night’s Watch. The Watch is tasked with protecting the South from anything further North. The rest of Westeros is split into castles and settlements. Winterfell is the northern-most city, and is home to the Stark family. The Vale of Arryn is home to House Arryn, and the Riverlands are home to House Tully. Storm’s End is home to House Baratheon, and the Westerlands are home to House Lannister. The main seat of power in Westeros is King’s Landing, in the southeast. The Iron Throne is here. (Game of Thrones newbie, worry not. You don't really need to memorise this!)


Seasons Are Changing...

Seasons Are Changing... You’ve probably seen Game of Thrones promotional materials emblazoned with “Winter Is Coming,” so it’ll be no surprise to learn that seasons are important. Westeros seasons are not like our seasons. They are irregular and unpredictable, and can vary drastically in length. At the start of the story, it has been summer for years, and some of the main characters have only known the summer. It’s thought that Winter is now on its way, and could last a very long time.


It’s Fantasy, but Not as You Know It…

It’s Fantasy, but Not as You Know It… This isn’t Tolkien! While Game of Thrones is a fantasy story, it’s very much about real people too. Huge segments of GoT fans wouldn’t dream of reading a fantasy, but love this series. It’s frequently described as being like The Sopranos, but with swords rather than guns! There are some fantasy elements in the story, but these are always secondary, and there are no orcs or dwarves. It’s all real people.


It’s Not for Kids…

It’s Not for Kids… Don’t settle down with your little ones to watch this…it’s quite graphic. There is a lot of naked people, sexual scenes and scenes of violence, and you probably won’t want to be explaining them! While the book is less graphic in some regards, there are concerning features in that, too, such as a girl being married off at 13. Game of Thrones is definitely for mature eyes only.


The TV Series is Condensed…

The TV Series is Condensed… If you love the TV series, try reading the books too. The author of the books, George R.R. Martin, claims that there will likely be 7 books in the series. There are currently five, with a sixth currently being produced. The books are around 1,500 words each, and condensing them into 10 hours just isn’t possible, so the series misses or changes a lot.


The Characters Are Deep…

The Characters Are Deep… Everything in Game of Thrones has a consequence…every action and word spoken. The characters work various angles, backstab each other, fight, argue and scheme. Some sentences can have more than one meaning. There’s more twists and turns than you’ll ever be able to imagine, and you’ll have your opinions of people really tested. Everyone wants something, and everyone is out for themselves. It makes really gripping viewing!


Watch It from the Start!

Watch It from the Start! If Game of Thrones sounds like the kind of thing you’d like, settle down and watch it from the start. Even the best summary sites can’t catch everything that goes on, and you’ll see various sides of the characters that will forge future events. And if the great plotline isn’t enough to go on, just check out the cast…Sean Bean, Charles Dance, Emilia Clarke… Jon Snow (above) has gained a massive following from his part so far, with everyone from Game of Thrones newbies to complete GoT geeks loving him.

I’m loving the books and the series, and I’ve got so many Game of Thrones newbies hooked on this now. It’s a great way to relax! I’d love to adopt Tyrion too…he’d fit right in to my family! Who is your favorite character?! (Oh, and no spoilers please. Let’s not ruin it for everybody who hasn’t watched yet!)

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Arya is my absolute favorite<3

Gonna start the books this week ! Love the series. Always a new poly twist.

Got my boyfriend into the show!! Now to just get him to watch the first two seasons....

Amazing show!

I love this series so much and I got hooked after watching the first few episodes! But the seasons don't change spontaneously. "Winter" means a time of war and tragedy while "summer" is peace. When they say that winter is coming, they mean a great war.

Love game of thrones!!!

Amazing tv show and book series!!!! i cant wait for winds of winter to come out!!!! my fav characters are tyrion and daenarys....

Just thought I'd throw out the fact that I read all the books and the show is exactly the same. Nothing is changed and to make sure of that the 3rd book(now's season) is being split up into two seasons

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