21 Life Hacks That Every Student Should Know ...


21 Life Hacks That Every Student Should Know ...
21 Life Hacks That Every Student Should Know ...

Being a student is hard work, which is why you need some hacks in your life. I know how difficult it can be to balance classwork, tests, studying, work and having a social life. The good news is that you can have it all. You just need to make some changes to your routine, which is where these hacks come in. Each of them will help you be successful in school and still get to have some fun.

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Record Your Lectures

person, human positions, grass, lawn, sitting, Instead of trying to write down everything your professor says, record the lectures. Later, when you're ready to study, it's much faster to listen to the information than it is to try an sift through it all in your notes.


Color Code Your Notes

human action, people, season, autumn, picnic, When you do take written notes, color code them so you can easily scan later for the information you need. Choose one color for vocab words, one for definitions, and so on and so forth.


Learn to Cook in a Coffee Mug

food, dish, plant, produce, dessert, There are loads of things you can make in a coffee mug in your dorm microwave and knowing how to do so will keep you from being hungry and will save you money because you won't have to go out to eat.


Use the Snack Incentive

human action, person, woman, girl, beauty, When you're studying, lay delicious snacks at various places on your notes or textbook. When you get to the snack, you get to eat it!


Stack Clothes Vertically

room, boutique, Dorm rooms are notorious for being small and short on space. Instead of stacking your clothing up and down, try placing it in your drawers like you would files in a file cabinet. They'll be easier to find and take up less space.


Paint Your Keys with Nail Polish

color, green, blue, product, nail, Dab a different color on each of your keys and you'll never be stuck wondering which one is your dorm room key and which one is for your bike lock.


Clean Your Computer with Sticky Notes

number, No doubt you eat snacks or meals while you're studying, which may leave your keyboard dirty. Grab a couple of sticky notes and slide the adhesive down between the keys to gather up all the crumbs and debris.


Use a Cup to Make Music Louder

, The speakers on your smartphone might not be up to the task of a Friday night dorm party, but placing it in a cup amplifies the sound and keeps it safe from being smashed by partygoers.


Get Rid of Smells with Dryer Sheets

photograph, woman, person, photography, beauty, Dorm stink is real, but you can battle it with dryer sheets. Place them in your trash can to control garbage reek. Lay one over your air conditioner unit or heat vent to blast pleasant smelling air through your dorm.


Cook with a Coffeemaker

color, hair, photograph, nose, clothing, Since your coffeemaker will give you hot water, you can use it to prepare a bunch of different things, from soup to noodles to hot dogs.


Use Foursquare to Get Wifi Passwords

bar, ine, IRE, ..., Using WiFi saves you data, but some places don't advertise their passwords. Go to Foursquare and search the place you're at and you might be able to find it there.


Use 3M Hooks to Hang Your Laptop

arm, leg, hand, Don't have room for a television in your dorm room? Mount two 3M hooks to your wall and rest your laptop or iPad on them and you can sit back and watch your favorite shows anytime.


Make Your Ramen Better

food, dish, cuisine, meal, produce, Ramen noodles are a staple of all college kids, but you can make it better by adding veggies, an egg or a herbs to give it a gourmet flavor without costing too much.


Put Your Schedule as Your Home Screen

person, beauty, brown hair, long hair, glasses, Remembering your schedule at the start of a semester is difficult. Take a picture of it with your smartphone and set it as your home screen. Now you can check it anytime, anywhere.


Use Toilet Paper Rolls to Keep Cords in Place

human action, person, human positions, reading, writing, Chances are you're using a lot of tech as a student. Keeping cords from being tangled will save you a lot of time and frustration. Wrap the cords and slide each into its own toilet paper tube, then label them.


Decorate with Washi Tape

color, image, sitting, human positions, lady, Washi tape peels easily off your walls and you can use it for all kinds of things that will brighten your dorm. Create photo frames with it or make a mural on your wall.


Switch the Fonts

photograph, image, human positions, snapshot, interior design, Lots of websites use fancy fonts, but they're harder to read and getting through the material will take longer. Copy and paste the information into a word document and change the font to Times New Roman for faster and easier reading.


Chew Gum for a Test

hair, blond, girl, hairstyle, brown hair, Research shows that chewing gum while studying can help you remember the info better. Choose a flavor and chew it while your cram, then chew the same flavor when you're taking the test.


Use an Egg Carton to Prevent Laptop Overheating

photograph, person, snapshot, photography, conversation, Using your laptop for hours is just part of being a student. When it starts to get too hot, place it on an overturned cardboard egg carton to increase air flow.


Get a Change Jar

art, Put a jar or some other sort of container in your dorm room and keep all of your change in it. Next time you're in a pinch for food or beer, count the change and get what you need.


Buy Used Textbooks

library, building, furniture, interior design, One of the single best hacks for students is to buy used textbooks. You can find them at campus bookstores or online and they will save you a ton of money.

What's your best student hack? Which of these will you be trying?

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