Stupid-Simple Life Hacks All College Students Need to Know ...


The writers at BuzzFeed know what it's like to struggle through college. That's why they've come up with this excellent advice for us all to follow. If you're currently enrolled in college, then these life hacks could save you a lot of time:

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Convenient Food Deliveries

If you download the app, you don't actually have to drive to Chipotle to get a delicious burrito. You can just use the app to get your favorite food delivered right to your dorm.


Free Amazon Prime

Yes, Amazon Prime is expensive. However, if you're a student, you can get it for free for 6 months on That means you'll get all of your textbooks shipped as fast as humanly possible.


Forgotten Textbooks

If you forget your textbook, but have your laptop with you, you can type in the name of that textbook, along with “filetype:pdf” in order to find an online version of it. Yes, it really can be that easy.


Forgotten Calculator

If you forget your calculator, too, then you can go to It has a free graphing calculator on there that you can use.


Bibliography Help

Hate creating bibliographies for your essays? Most of us do. That's why you should head to It'll create that bibliography for you.


Teacher Ratings

Before you pick classes for the next semester, check out to see which professors have high ratings. If you're already stuck in a class with a bad professor, the site might have some hints and tips to help you pass that specific class with them.


Staying Focused

Dowload in order to stay focused. It will temporarily block you from viewing all of your favorite (but distracting) websites, like Skype, so that you can only use the Internet to look up facts for your homework.


Free Newspaper

Even though newspapers are online nowadays, sometimes you still have to pay to read the articles. However, if you type your "edu" email address into you can access the site for free.


Easy Money

This is the best news of all. If you go to, it'll actually pay you to pay attention in class. The longer you keep your phone locked to avoid using it during class, the more points you'll earn.

These hacks should help you get through the school year without a hitch. Do you have any other life hacks that'll be helpful for students?

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Hello :)


Rate my professor can be a great tool, or an awful tool. My psych teacher confessed he had his wife write like 40 good reviews out of the 100 he had. He also admitted to other professors who wrote negative things about themselves in order to weed out students who use rate my professor.

Lol I swear I live by ratemyprofessor! It's never failed me.

Yes ratemyprofessor a great site to help pick your classes :-)

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