7 Alternatives to Partying in College ...


7 Alternatives to Partying in College ...
7 Alternatives to Partying in College ...

Weekends in college can seem tough if you’re not into the party scene. All of your friends get dressed up, go out, and get drunk together, but that really doesn’t appeal to you. Even if it seems like your only options are to party hard or stay home and go to bed by 9PM, trust me, there are far more fun alternatives to partying!

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Nightclubs If you still like the feeling of going out, but are turned off by the idea of grinding against a sweaty kid from your French 101 class, go out on the town to have fun! If you’re under aged, there are still probably some 18+ venues you can go to for a fun night out, without all of the awkwardness of college parties.



Bake-a-thon One of the most fun nights I’ve had in college so far has been cooking and baking with friends. We bonded, made messes, had fun, and relieved stress all at once! Plus, who doesn’t love baked goods? If your dorm has a kitchen available for your use, get some friends together to have a bake-a-thon next weekend!


A Classy Affair

A Classy Affair If you love getting dressed up and going out, you can do both of those things and stay classy. Go out to a nice restaurant with a big group, or just a few close friends. This will require saving up a bit of money—then again, you could just order appetizers and enjoy the “ambiance”. Regardless, it's important to break out of your college’s bubble every once in a while, and going out to eat in the city is something that can help you do just that!


See a Show

See a Show I guarantee that on any given weekend, there’s at least one concert, play, poetry slam, or sports event going on near or at your school. You don’t have to be antisocial just because you aren’t in a partying mood; you can still go out and meet new, interesting people who have similar interests. In many ways, shows are a better way to get to know people than in a party setting.


“Wet” Night in

“Wet” Night in Usually, when someone mentions a college party alternative, you would assume that it’s an alcohol-free option. But if you enjoy drinking, you don’t have to abandon it all together. Invite over a few of your close friends to have a casual night in, with “adult” beverages provided. It’s a safer environment than parties anyway, and you can pick your poison—whether it’s wine or vodka—and drink in a comfortable, fun environment.



Explore The time between orientation week and finals week always seems to fly by! Because of that, you don’t necessarily get to explore your new environment. Take advantage of weekend nights to get out and have an adventure! Try new restaurants, discover cute shops and cafés, and more! You might find your new favorite place to eat, study, or just hang out. But you’ll never know unless you try.


Game Night

Game Night I can’t be the only board game/ cards nerd, can I? Sometimes, my ideal night is just playing monopoly and eating popcorn with my best friends! If you feel the same way, don’t be shy. Mention having a game night to your friends as an alternative to partying. Odds are at least one of them will be game!

The party atmosphere definitely isn’t for everyone, but you may sometimes feel like that’s the only way to get all of your friends to hang out in one place, so you give in. But I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t have to be the case! Suggest some of these alternatives to partying to your group of friends; I’m sure they’ll be willing to take a “break” from partying for at least one night! Which do you think you and your friends would enjoy the most?

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