7 Great College Classes to Try out ...


7 Great College Classes to Try out ...
7 Great College Classes to Try out ...

Who doesn't love taking those great college classes that keep you on your toes?! I sure do! I've taken quite a few, and I'm here to share them with you! They're fun, quirky, odd, and great! Sometimes classes towards a degree can be long, and studious. These 7 great college classes to try out will be worth it!

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HARRY POTTER inside and out

Yes, you heard that right! Arizona State University teaches one of these great college classes! It's known as "HON394," and this class is anything and everything Harry Potter! So for my fellow Muggle friends, this class is for us! This course counts as a credit too! Win! This class teaches you the fundamentals of Harry Potter, the spells, and about the books! Crazy!



This may seem like a "regular" class, but, I thought this class was truly amazing! Not only did you learn, but, it was intriguing, fun, and sometimes crazy! The topics I learned were in-depth and definitely got me thinking! The teacher I had truly made the class fun, and exciting! She always made us stay on our toes with her topics!



Now, I'm not all for formulas and memorizing the Periodic Table! But, the experiments are exciting! I love seeing color change, bubbles form, or even see the little finer things through a microscope! I love learning though, and I love learning about atoms, and molecules too! This class was hard for me, but, I thoroughly enjoyed it!



Ah, yes after completing all my pre-reqs, and co-reqs as well as the mandatory classes necessary for my degree, I needed extra classes to take for fun, and I chose Voice Class 1! Now, I'm a singer, not an amazing singer but, I can carry a tune. This course taught me how to control my breaths, carry a stronger tune, sing from my diaphragm and more! Plus, we got to have a concert! Who doesn't love concerts?!



I was always afraid of being in front of large crowds and talking. Most importantly giving lectures or speeches about anything! This class definitely changed my view! I can now properly communicate in front of a large crowd and be confident as well! I also learned a lot of great tips and tricks in proper communication as well as mannerisms! This class is one of my favorites!



Now, another class that I thought was fun was my theater class! You get to learn to be out of your comfort zone, and put on plays! I got to even help produce a play, and configure all the staging as well! This class was fun, thrilling, and there is a lot to learn! This class may not be for everybody either, but, its fun to take a step on the wild side!



Some colleges offer a bowling class! Fun! You learn the basic fundamentals of bowling, the scoring, and techniques! I should've taken this class, as it seems to be fun, and you can learn as well! I definitely can't bowl. And, if I do, I am one of those bowlers who tosses their bowl into the other lane. Not on purpose though! I should've taken this class!

Now, college is all about learning, working towards your degree and having fun along the way! These are a few great college classes to try! Have you tried any fun college classes that you'd like to share? I bet there are other fun classes out there that I haven't even heard of! Let me know if you've tried any classes out and enjoyed or disliked!

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I'm an acting major 3 of these are mandatory for me. :/ It's ok though. I love what I do.

What was your major?

I could really use some of those classes

I love my acting class it was so much fun

im a senior in high school and have already taken psych and i loved it! looking forward to dig a little deeper in college :)

I definitely need to take "public speaking." I totally freak out whenever I have to speak I front of a crowd. It's my worst fear!

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