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8 Study Tips for High Schoolers ...

By Sarah

Few of us enjoy studying but the fact is, there's no escaping it. So why not use Sarah's lovely tips to make studying a tad easier? Thanks Sarah! We owe you one.

I have heard plenty of studying tips since starting high school and have found that while some are complete duds, others work extremely well. While they are hit or miss, I've rounded up a few tips that I've found almost foolproof. So sit back, take a deep breath, and crack open your textbooks.

Table of contents:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. An apple a day
  3. Small study groups
  4. Create a playlist
  5. Highlighters
  6. No junk food
  7. Avoid the internet
  8. Take a break

1 Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure to drink enough water to stay hydrated. You’re more likely to remember things if your body isn't worried about other things. Keep a bottle with you in your bag for when you need to hydrate and stay cool.

2 An Apple a Day

An apple has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee. Well this one’s not totally true but while an apple actually has no caffeine in it, it does work in the same way. The amount of sugar in an apple has the same energizing effects as a cup of coffee, plus the added bonus of it actually being good for you. So if you’re pulling an all nighter, grab an apple instead of coffee.

3 Small Study Groups

Keep study groups to a maximum of 3 people. While studying with friends is helpful, it is much easier to get distracted with large groups. You can even divide study questions and discuss them afterwards. Just keep in mind that you’re there to study and not to hang out, and you will all have a good time and get some studying done as well.

4 Create a Playlist

Instead of playing around with music the whole time, make one playlist beforehand. I've found music actually helps me to concentrate. Keep the volume loud enough to hear but quiet enough to not be a distraction. If you’re not sure what to listen to, has many pre-made playlists with easy tags to find what you're looking for.

5 Highlighters

Highlighters are my favorite thing ever! They are so useful for pointing out important information or making your page look pretty. If you’re allowed to, go through your textbooks and highlight important information. Write them out and later reread them

6 No Junk Food

This one speaks for itself but just to clarify, eating junk food while studying is an awful idea. it makes you sluggish and tired and the salt makes you even more hungry. Remember that apple from before? Opt for that instead.

7 Avoid the Internet

Now if you’re anything like me you probably can’t stand to do anything but go on the internet, which is great but also deadly while studying. Unless you have to research something, stick to the books. If you are doing a research project, have only one or two tabs open at a time and devote both of them to your research(or music but don’t check it every couple of minutes.)

8 Take a Break

We weren't built to withstand hours of monotonous reading. Every hour and a half or so, get up, stretch, dance a little, maybe go for a quick walk, and get back to work. Just don’t let anything too big distract you, and keep your break to a maximum of 10-15 minutes.

Good luck and if I can give you one little piece of advice; relax! you've done all you can so don’t stress. Happy and productive studying to you all.

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