7 Things You'll Need to Know about Going Back to School as an Adult ...


7 Things You'll Need to Know about Going Back to School as an Adult ...
7 Things You'll Need to Know about Going Back to School as an Adult ...

If you're going back to school as an adult, your life is about to become just a little tougher. When you were in school before, you were younger, you cared a little less and believe it or not, your brain was set up to absorb new information more easily. But, going back to school as an adult doesn't have to be all that tough. I'm going to tell you the 7 things you'll really need to know to be successful in school as an adult!

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Get a Computer

If you don't already have one, getting a computer will make going back to school as an adult a lot easier. EVERYTHING is digital now so you'll need it for research, writing papers and, if it's small enough you can even use it to take notes in class!


Start Slow

If it's been a few years since you were in school, start slow. I know that it's tempting to jump right in and start knocking out those credits but, take your time in your first quarter to refamiliarize yourself with school and your learning style! Once you feel more comfortable you can take more classes but really take your first quarter or semester back a little more slowly. You'll thank yourself for that later, trust me.


Talk to Your Advisor

After you figure out what you want to go back to school for (or if you want to talk to someone about what you think you want to do), speak to your advisor. They will tell you what resources are available to you and will help you figure out what classes you need to take for your degree. This is the person that you'll ask any questions that you have about your degree or your courses.


Talk to Other Students

If you know what degree you're going for, talk to other students going through the same program. You would be surprised by the insight that they offer. Sometimes they'll tell you what classes to take and which professors to avoid. They'll also share experience about course planning and how to get through your program.


Know Exactly What Courses You Need

If for some reason you don't speak to an advisor, go online and check the course requirements for your degree. That wa , you aren't wasting time and money on classes that you don't need to graduate.



Even before you start your classes be sure to write down everything from important dates to helpful hints. When i first went back to school I always had my planner with me so I wouldn't miss anything. a student in the same class as you gives you their number to form a study group? Write it down. An advisor sets up a meeting with you to discuss your semester? Write it down. Big test coming up? Write it down. It's better to write something down and not need it than to forget to write something down and need it later!


Plan, Plan, PLAN

Remember how I told you that an advisor will tell you what courses you need? Well, once you have that use it to check the schedule for classes offered (most schools will post a yearly calender.) Take your list and try to plan what classes you want and when (AND HAVE BACKUPS.) If you plan ahead and know what you want to take and when, registration will be a lot easier, you'll know what to expect every semester and your life in school will be a lot easier.

Wel ladies, these are the things that I think you need to go back to school as an adult. What are some tips that you would share for adults going back to school? What are some things that helped you? Let me know down below!

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