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There are several reasons to go back to school now that you’re an adult. It is becoming far more common for adults to go back and take some classes, or even enroll for the first time. I didn’t go to college until I was 23 and my mother enrolled for the first time this year at the age of 48. Don’t talk yourself out of furthering your education, take a look at these reasons to go back to school and follow your dreams!

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Age Doesn’t Matter

Age Doesn’t Matter One of the reasons to go back to school is that age no longer matters. Many people use the excuse “I’m too old to go back,” but that just isn’t the case anymore. My English class had 40 people in it, 5 of us were in our 20s, 2 were in their 30s and 1 was nearly 60! As I said above, my mom is 48 and just started and she LOVES it! It’s still funny to hear her say “I can’t go with you today, I have homework to do.” She has made an incredible amount of friends of all ages and people love her and think it’s so cool that she just started going to school. Personally, I’m so proud of her I can’t even express it! She was just inducted into the national honor society and finishes up her first full year this month. Trust me, if my mom can do it after raising 4 kids and dealing with exhaustive health issues, you most definitely can do it too!


Advance in Your Current Company

Advance in Your Current Company A lot of the time companies will hire people for entry level jobs, but without a degree you can’t advance up the ladder in that particular corporation. If you go back to school and further your education in your field, you could easily nail that next promotion when the time comes.


Gain New Information

Gain New Information Things change a lot over the years. Things that were once thought to be fact have been disproven; further research has expanded what we know about certain issues. Going back to school is a great way to refresh your knowledge. You always have elective courses you can take as well, so consider exploring an area that you’ve always been interested in but never took the time to learn about. Take a theatre class or learn a new language. The possibilities are endless!


Helps You Find a New Job

Helps You Find a New Job With the economy the way it has been for the past several years, there are many, many people who have found themselves unemployed. If you are struggling to get back into your primary field of work, try going back to school and majoring in something different. Do a search for careers that are expanding in the near future, they will need job applicants, so gear your studies towards a degree in that field.


Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance There are so many scholarships and grants for adult women going back to school. If you are a mom there are even more! Use this to your advantage and take the opportunity to further your education. If you are on unemployment, ask about going back to school. I know where I live, they will pay for you to go to school to learn a trade.


New Careers

New Careers There are new careers that may not have even been around when you were first starting out in the working world. Want to be an App Designer? Are you an environmentalist who would love to develop Green technology? What about using your Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter know-how to become a Social Media Manager? These are all careers that weren’t around ten years ago. So many things have changed, go back to school and get involved with one of these new jobs.


Make New Friends

Make New Friends I don’t know about you, but as an adult I’ve found it harder and harder to make new friends. It might be because I’m shy until you get to know me, or it may be because I use sarcasm as a defense mechanism; who knows. Being in school throws you into the mix with a bunch of people from various backgrounds who are interested in any number of things. It’s a great way to get to know people and make a few new friends.

I hope that you take into account all of these reasons to go back to school when you are thinking about what to do at this point in your life. I’ve been strongly considering going back myself, and these are all of the reasons that have been whirling around in my mind. What are some other good reasons to go back to school?

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I can't wait to go back school either (: I'm starting this summer and I'm already excited !

Amazing article! I am all about an education & I think going back to school as an adult is great! Shows that you are brave. I'm happy for your mom, she is probably going to be so much more confident! My mom always wished she went to school. She is already 58 & works so hard still. I wonder if I can get her to start school...

I'm going back this summer & I'm 25:)

I'm in school right now, but want to go to a different one. Totally am like 7#.

Im 17 & wanna drop out to join the navy.

I am inspired to further my master soon :D

I just turned 29 and I have been back in school for the past four months. I love it. Your never too old to educating yourself.

Education is the only way out!!

I'm back at college doing childcare and really keen to do it right to the end, even if it takes me 4 years to do everything!

I'm bankrupt from student loans and I'm not even working in my field. Loan forgiveness pls

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