7 Advantages of Not Owning a Smartphone ...


7 Advantages of Not Owning a Smartphone ...
7 Advantages of Not Owning a Smartphone ...

There are a number of advantages of not owning a smartphone. These days it seems as though everyone has one. You see people walking along the street and not looking where they are going. Instead, they are glued to the screen of their smartphone. Their little gadget could be the death of them if they're not careful! Here are some of the advantages of not owning a smartphone …

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One of the greatest advantages of not owning a smartphone is that you save yourself an awful lot of money. They cost hundreds of pounds or dollars. You could put the money to much better use, such as going on vacation or towards a car. Or you could just save the money! There's no need to spend so much. A basic cell phone will deal with calls and texts, which is all you really need a phone to do.


One of the biggest financial benefits of not owning a smartphone is the cost savings. Smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars or pounds, whereas a basic cell phone can do the same job for a fraction of the cost. This money can be put to better use, such as going on vacation, making a car purchase, or saving for the future. Additionally, basic cell phones use less electricity, which can result in lower electricity bills. Furthermore, a basic cell phone can be replaced more easily than a smartphone, meaning less money spent on repairs.



Smartphones are clearly desirable to thieves. People aren't discreet in using their phones, walking down the street with them clearly visible. You could lose a valuable item in a few seconds. Even if you're insured, you've got the hassle of reporting the theft, cancelling your contract, and replacing the phone. Whereas a simple phone is of much less interest to thieves.



Cell phones are obviously vulnerable to damage as well. Over the years, I've dropped mine on one of the busiest roads in town and even down the toilet. Both phones survived the mishap, and neither was expensive. Imagine if you dropped your expensive iPhone into water - what are the chances of it ever working again?


Slave to Technology

Spain, where I live, is in economic crisis. Yet virtually everyone you see has a smartphone. We've become conditioned to think that we must have the latest gadgets, and that not having the same as everyone else will make us look dated. People are constantly checking things on their phone. Is technology there for our convenience, or are we dependent on it?


In this modern age, it's undeniable that smartphones offer a plethora of advantages – instant communication, easy access to information, and a myriad of apps to manage our daily lives. However, this constant connectivity comes with a price. From young to old, we often see entire families at restaurants, heads bowed not in prayer but immersed in separate digital realities, rarely engaging with each other. It's peculiar how the tools designed to connect us can also widen the gaps between us. We have to pause and question: are we truly mastering technology, or has it mastered us?



Yes, you can buy yourself a lovely shiny smartphone if you love gadgets. The problem is that almost as soon as you buy it, the model is rendered out of date. The makers bring out a 'better' version, and make you think that you need to upgrade. You could end up buying a new version every year - that's a lot of money to spend.


Screen Size

Personally, when I want to connect to the internet I prefer to look at a larger screen. I don't want to peer at a screen that is barely a few inches long. So a smartphone isn't really worth it for me. A larger screen is easier on your eyes, so prolonged used of a smartphone might strain your eyesight.



A smartphone seems to be one of those things that people get because everyone else has one. It's not essential, and we managed perfectly well without them up to now. Aside from saving a lot of money, refusing to get a smartphone could be a way of showing that you're an individual who isn't swayed by pressure.

Smartphones certainly have their uses. They're handy, for example, if you need information on the spot. However, they're not an essential item and are very expensive. Consumers are conditioned into thinking that they must upgrade to a smartphone and that they'll look out of touch if they don't have one. Are you a smartphone refusenik, or can you not imagine life without one?

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Grow up. There is nothing wrong with having info immediately accessible. By the way, how did you write this...with an app?

I couldn't agree more with this article because phone bills are annoyingly high

i agree

Writing this after reading the article on my iPhone. I love my iPhone. However I did not get the phone or my previous smartphone, a blackberry, because of peer pressure or to be like everyone else. I got it for convenience and it just suits my lifestyle and what I need. Plus, without my iPhone I would have gotten lost recently in a city I haven't been to in a couple years. The GPS on these bad boys is so great to have.

As I'm reading this on my lovely iPhone...I have to disagree with this post

Completely agree with this. I used to pay $100 monthly for my smartphone. I downgraded to a cheaper phone and now only pay $30 monthly for the EXACT same features-just a lesser phone. Saving $ for a new car!! I feel bad for the younger generation growing up so dependent on technology. Sorry but if you wanna spend thousands on your apple products


#1 AMEN! I have a regular, old fashioned flip phone. I use it for emergencies only. I don't text. It is a horrible form of communication. I can't afford a smart phone. It is only used to follow you around and try to sell you shit you don't need. No, thank you.

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