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There are many reasons to go back to college. Whether you have been to college before, or this is your first time taking a stab at getting your degree, it is never easy. But given the fickle global economy we live in today, if you have any doubts about going back to school, I would put those aside because there are plenty of reasons to go back to college.

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Possibility of a Promotion

Even if you employer does not admit it, it is safe to say companies are always looking to promote employees with a college degree. Yes it can depend on which field you work in, but for the majority of people out there who are held captive by their frugal bosses, getting a college degree can certainly help ensure a promotion. Among the numerous reasons to go back to college this is clearly one of the most important ones, especially if you are the sole income provider for your family. If it were me I would not delay going back to school one more millisecond if it meant grabbing a pay raise and promotion!


Career Change

Many people are limited in their job prospects simply because they do not possess a college degree. No one likes the idea of working in hospitality or retail for the rest of their life, so take advantage of going back to college so you won’t have to. If you’re stuck coming up with reasons to go back to college, think of it this way, it can only help your salary and lifestyle and you’ll never have to search the wanted ads for a blue-collar job again.


Demand More Money

If your employer does not take notice of the fact that you have gotten a college degree by offering you a promotion or pay raise, take it upon yourself to mention it to him or her. After getting your college degree, you now have a solid justification for asking for a raise. Not to mention the fact that you simply deserve it! This is listed amongst the reasons to go back to college clearly because there is no way this opportunity cannot work in your benefit.


Be a Role Model for You Children

Everyone knows finding reasons to go back to college is hard. And beyond that actually obtaining a degree might seem impossible, but think of how accomplished you will feel after finally graduating from college. I know I want my children to graduate from college, maybe even graduate school as well, and go on to successful careers in their fields of choice. It is much easier for me to convince them get a college degree if I have one myself. And if your children are disrespectful, going back to college might change their perception of you in more ways than one.


You Will Always Have Your Degree

Even if all of these reasons to go back to college do not present themselves right away, keep in mind that a college degree is pretty much invincible. You will always have your college degree to fall back on, regardless of what happens to the economy, where you move to or how dramatically your life changes. And for that kind of academic insurance I would definitely get back on a college campus and start studying.


New Experiences

One really important reason not to overlook when considering reasons to go back to college is the new experiences that await you. I know I would not trade any of my college experiences, both good and bad, for anything in the world. In some sense, college is about growing and finding yourself. And there is no age limit when you want to do all that. You never know what new ideologies, perspectives and opinions you will learn from notable scholars until you step back into the classroom.


Challenge Yourself

If you had a rough childhood, high school experience, or had children at a young age and were never able to get a college degree, this is the time to do it. Everyone has their reasons to go back to college and conversely everyone has their reasons why they did not go to college in the first place. A lot of times people think they are too old, too tired, and they simply cannot get a degree. It is important to throw all of those insecurities out the window, because why not? I have had many people doubt me in my life, and when I proved them wrong I felt ecstatic. Because in reality I was actually proving myself wrong too. So do not be afraid to take that first step and research some classes, in order to get anywhere in life you need to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Sometimes the outcome is a pleasant surprise!

People choose to go back to college all the time! Have you ever chosen to further your education or finally finish getting a college degree? Have you ever felt better about yourself after doing so? Can you think of any tips that I missed? Please share them!

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I am considering going to do a new degree now especially after failing badly on my year 1 three years ago. Now I see it as an essential to fall back on the bad times ahead like what you have mentioned in this post. Thank you!

I'm thinking about it but I'm not sure. But I will have more prayer on it. Thank you for your tips :)

Yes I soooo have to do this! I will be able to take care of myself& family a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

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