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10 Reasons to Join a Sorority ...

By Neecey

While thanks to the movies, the images of a frat or sorority house don’t extol the membership benefits, there are some excellent reasons to join a sorority. Being a chapter sister can bring some great benefits both on-campus and in your future. They aren’t for everyone and the whole joining procedure can be a bit onerous, but if you decide you might like to consider it, here are 10 great reasons to join a sorority.

1 Sisterhood

Having a sense of belonging and sisterhood is one of the most common reasons to join a sorority. It can be difficult to find a sense of unity at college if you don’t join a sports team, one of the entertainment clubs or even know what hobbies or extra-curricular activities interest you. With joining a sorority, the student body can seem less daunting and it will be easier to find a home among like-minded people. Being a sister can give you a sense of identity and the feeling of belonging to a family – a home away from home.

2 Society

One of the big benefits of belonging to a sorority is that you will never lack for want of social activities on and off-campus. You’ll never want for a lack of invitations and there’ll always be someone up for a night out or to go to the movies with. Mixers and parties are a great way to meet new people and then of course, there are also all the fun activities that are a trademark of being “Greek” – including “Greek Week.”

3 Academic Support

Contrary to media portrayals and popular thinking, there is an emphasis on academic achievements and one of the advantages of being in a sorority is that support is readily available. There are various positions of office in a sorority and most of them usually have a Vice President of Academics. The VPA has the responsibility of tracking the sisters’ grades to ensure you are all keeping on track and being able to offer to help/find you help if needed. Sisterhood also generates an atmosphere conducive to studying and achievement.

4 Personal Development

It’s hard to be a shrinking violet or a perennial wallflower in a sorority. You can’t hide away – as a sister there is an expectation of social interaction and personal development. Your experience and communication skills are enriched by the activities you participate in, the responsibility you take and the people you meet.

5 Leadership Qualities

It’s difficult to demonstrate to a future employee that you have the wherewithal to be a successful manager on a graduate resume, but your chapter presents numerous opportunities to be a leader. Sororities are organized and run in the same way as a business with a hierarchical structure that includes a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, philanthropy co-ordinator and so on. All of these are transferable skills that boost your C.V.

6 Social Conscience

Generally, each chapter will adopt a cause to support and raise money for, so wanting to be involved in philanthropy and charitable events is one of the socially-conscious reasons to join a sorority. Fostering a concern for others, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in fund raising from bake sales to full blown pageants.

7 Future Opportunities

Even the most brilliant people might need a career leg up sometime or have a need of some help. When you join a sorority you become part of a huge and very widespread network. Access to this network may open doors in the future or will support you in times of need. As well as the sisterhood, you will meet other organizations which may help in your future. If you want a demonstration of just how powerful this can be and why it’s one of the advantages of belonging to a sorority, watch Legally Blonde II! It may be a wacky portrayal of the inter-connectivity of a sisterhood and its alumni but the principle is sound.

8 Aspirations

Being a sister, you will feel the weight of expectations, but rather than weighing you down, they will inspire you to achieve. You will be expected to develop high standards in your academic life, social conduct and your citizenship. If you have aspirations, you’ll find solid reasons to join a sorority because sororities emphasize excellence in all you do and encourage you to maximize your potential.

9 Loyalty and Friendship

Many sorority members make friends for life. The atmosphere and set up of a sorority fosters and encourages the development of lifelong friendships through common aims and shared experiences. Sorority life emphasizes and encourages loyalty to and among the sisterhood, your school and the nation.

10 Memories

Everyone leaves college with plenty of memories, but as a sister you will have some unique experiences compared to non-chapter girls to look back on and draw inspiration from. If you are not in a sorority, you’ll not experience that special moment when you meet your “Big Sister” or have those crazy days of Greek Week. Your sisterhood memories will be moments you never forget.

I think you’ll agree there are some pretty good reasons to join a sorority. Are you in a chapter? Or maybe you have some counter arguments?

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