17 Bad Habits That'll Make College Life Miserable ...


17 Bad Habits That'll Make College Life Miserable ...
17 Bad Habits That'll Make College Life Miserable ...

It doesn't matter if you're starting college next year, or if you've been in it for four years already. Either way, there are some things you should change about your routine if you want the semester to go smoother. Here are a few bad habits you should drop as soon as you can, because they'll make college life miserable:

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Don't put off writing a 10-page paper until the night before it's due. You'll feel a lot less stressed if you do it as soon as it's assigned.


Skipping Meals

Skipping Meals Don't skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even though you're busy, your health comes first. You need to eat.


Showing up Late

Showing up Late Some professors will penalize you for showing up late. Even if they never notice that you show up ten minutes late, you could miss valuable information.


Staying up All Night

Staying up All Night You don't want to pull all-nighters all the time. Then you'll be tired and cranky in the morning, which means you'll be more likely to skip class.



The earlier you wake up, the more hours you'll have in a day. That means you'll have more time to get everything done.


Using Too Much Technology

Using Too Much Technology Don't stare at your phone when you should be socializing, or when you should be listening in class. Your notifications aren't going to go away.


Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Don't end every day with a can of beer. Alcohol shouldn't be a regular part of your diet.



Overspending Don't waste too much money on clothes. You still have to pay for textbooks and tuition.


Taking on Too Much at Once

Taking on Too Much at Once Don't sign up for ten clubs when you're already a full-time student with a boatload of classwork. Try not to take on more than you can handle.


Being Negative

Being Negative Don't be pessimistic. It'll only make your life feel harder and your days feel longer.


Refusing to Clean

Refusing to Clean Don't forget to clean your dorm. If you keep putting off vacuuming and throwing out the trash, you're going to end up living in a dump.



You can't take ten smoke breaks during every class. You need to be able to stay in one place for large chunks of time.


Trying to Fit in

Trying to Fit in You can't please everyone. Trying to fit in is a mistake. Be yourself, instead. You'll end up happier.



Multi-tasking Don't text your boyfriend, watch TV, and eat a sandwich while you're writing an essay. Do one thing at a time.



Daydreaming If you took the time to get ready for class and to walk to class, you should do yourself a favor by actually paying attention in class. It'll be easier for you to pass it that way.


Partying Too Hard

Partying Too Hard Don't believe what you've seen in the movies. College is meant for learning, not for partying. Put your education first, or you'll waste thousands of dollars.


Slacking off

Slacking off College isn't the time to slack off. If you want to land the career of your dreams, you can start by passing your classes and getting a degree in your field of choice. Yes, it's hard, but it'll be worth it.

Don't worry, because any and every bad habit can be broken. Do you have any of the ones on this list?

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All of them 🙄

As a current college student i can definitely say I'm guilty of these.. Not recommended lol

Netflix. Bad habit while in college. End of story.

Yeah. I really need to quit procrastination and going late. 😢

I do no.14 like alot every single day..and i think i am good with that xd, and that no.8 is really right..since i spend too much on my studies..(books ,tuitions,etc).. ;/

Don't forget staying active by exercising

Bindi, excellent addition!

I just graduated from university and I did all of these haha. But no you shouldn't. :-)

#18 not taking time to relax! Great article!!

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