12 Professional Hacks for a Super-Smooth College Moving-in Day ...


12 Professional Hacks for a Super-Smooth College Moving-in Day  ...
12 Professional Hacks for a Super-Smooth College Moving-in Day  ...

Counting down the days to college move-in day is super stressful. Even though there are so many things that need to be done before you take that big step (like packing up your favorite band posters or scheduling in time for a minor freak out because you're officially an ADULT now 😥), prioritizing makes your brain feel like jelly. But before you panic, there are certain tricks that you can do that will make your life easier. Here's how you can "pregame" and make sure everything is super-smooth!

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Make Battle Plans in Advance ⏱

Procrastination may be your middle name, but there's no need to put more pressure on yourself by waiting until the very last minute to plan. Have you secretly been eyeing that cute hoodie with your school's logo since open house? Does your school allow coffee machines in the dorms? Be proactive and get those questions and concerns ironed out BEFORE you move.


Wash Your Sheets 🛏 and Clothes 👗👚 before You Go

Do yourself a favor and get your laundry situation settled. Packing unwashed sheets will only give you more work to do when you're setting up your room. It may sound like a simple step, but trust me when I say that you'll feel so much better later that you have one thing out of the way!


Instead of over Stuffing Your Suitcase 🛅, Put Your Clothes on Hangers and Carry Them in a Garbage Bag

This may sound crazy but it actually works! Not only will this give you more breathing room when you're going up and down all of those stairs with that heavy suitcase, you'll have outfits that you can just hang up in your closet.


Speaking of Suitcases, Make Sure at Least One of Them Has Wheels 💪

Please see statement above about all of those stairs you'll be climbing. That is, unless you're looking for a workout 💪👊.


Use Your Space Wisely 💡. Storage Bins Are a College Girl *MUST*

Hit up Target or your local department store for storage bins. Putting your favorite hair products and small knick knacks in the bins will save you a lot of time later when you're unpacking and trying to figure out where you put everything.


Store Things under Your Bed 🛏

This is the MVP of moving day hacks. You have all of that space under your bed; why not use it?


Play around with Your School's Suggested Arrival Time ⌚⏰

You're finally ready to move in. Your school gave you an estimated time range for when you can check out your dorm room. Now what? First, keep in mind that everyone will be moving in around the same time, which means that the hallways will get pretty crowded. You'll also probably have to wait around for awhile before you're let in. If you want to avoid traffic, come in during the second half of that arrival time. Things will be moving much more smoothly.


Make It a Fun Group Trip! 👪👫

Kill two birds with one stone by bringing your parents and best friends with you. Having the extra manpower won't hurt. After they help you unpack and get settled in, you can give them a tour of the campus and check out what eateries your school has to offer.


Dorm Room Essentials: Scissors ✂️, Painter's Tape and a Screwdriver

Trust me, these three items will go a LONG way. When you're hanging up your posters, tape them down with painter's tape (the blue one). It's gentle on your walls and comes off very easily. Screwdrivers and scissors will always come in handy when you're trying to fix something in your dorm.


Be Proactive and Bring Your Own TV Cords 📺 as a Back-up

You lucked out and your dorm already has a TV? Sweet! Make sure that you bring in extra cables and connectors in case something is missing or isn't working properly.


Use Plastic Hanging Hooks 🖼 Instead of Nails

You're most likely not allowed to hang things on the wall using nails. Depending on the size and material, they are pretty durable and can handle most things. You can find these anywhere from Amazon to Kmart.


Last but Not Least, BYOCW: Bring Your Own Cleaning Wipes! ✨❇️

I'm a complete germaphobe, which means that before I unpack anything, my first step is to wipe everything down. Your windowsill, desk and drawer probably weren't cleaned after the previous person who lived there. It'll only take a few minutes and will save you in the long run.

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