10 Websites 💻 beyond Sparknotes 📝 to Help You in School 🏫 ...

You've probably used Spark Notes before. It comes in handy whenever you need help figuring out what an author meant (or when you completely forgot to read a book and want to find a detailed summary of it). Of course, as amazing as Spark Notes is, it doesn't contain everything under the sun. If you need extra help with your schoolwork, then you should check out these other websites that are similar:

1. Cliffs Notes

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Cliffs Notes is about as close to Spark Notes as it can get. It contains literature notes, test prep, and study guides. There's a giant search bar on the main page that allows you to type in the name of an author or a novel to see if the site has any information on it. If you're ready to take a study break, the site even has a section on student life that contains articles about high school, college, jobs, and entertainment.

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