10 Healthy Habits to Start in College ...


10 Healthy Habits to Start in College ...
10 Healthy Habits to Start in College ...

College is an excellent time to start practicing healthy habits that will help you to lead a much happy and fuller life. It takes a while for something to become a habit. You probably won’t be able to immediately start doing each of the habits I’ve listed below. Try getting a few down pat and then go from there. Here are 10 healthy habits to start in college.

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Socialize Often

Socializing is a huge part of college anyway and it is actually much healthier to get out and mingle than it is to sit holed up in your dorm room. Get out and hang with friends every now and then. You’ll meet new people, get to see the sights, and learn new things. It’s much better for your mental health to if you interact with other humans!


Set Achievable Goals

Trying to set expectations for yourself that are unbelievably high can cause you to feel like a failure when you don’t reach your goal. Start small and work your way up. You’ll feel much better about yourself when your goals are met, so don’t set goals you know are way beyond your reach.


Be Optimistic

Having an optimistic outlook on life is going to make you a much happier person. Not only will you physically feel better, but happiness is contagious. You’ll be more likely to attract other optimistic individuals who will be supportive of you and not criticize your every move.


Monitor Your Health

It’s never too early to start taking care of yourself. Keeping mental notes of your ailments or when you aren’t feeling 100 percent is always a good habit to get into. If you start to notice a pattern in y our health that concerns you, then it will be helpful to the doctor if you can give him/her detailed notes as to what has been going on.


Take Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Even if you only take a single multi-vitamin each day, this little capsule is able to provide you with additional nutrients your body needs. The older a person gets, the harder it is absorb and hold onto vitamins and minerals. If you can get into the habit of taking vitamin and mineral supplements now then you’ll have a much easier time later on when you truly need them.


Read Whenever You Get a Chance

Being in college, you’re always going to have something to read whether you want to or not. However, I’m referring to reading books, magazines, or articles you actually enjoy. Reading keeps your mind fresh and thinking quickly. Read for enjoyment from time to time.


Exercise Regularly

Walk around campus whenever you get the chance. Go to the school fitness center if there is one. Most colleges allow students to use the gym for free, which is a great deal. People in the city pay high dollar for a monthly membership. Maybe you could borrow a bike from a friend or find one at a garage sale. Find what form of exercise works best for you and your busy schedule, and then partake in it as much as you are able to.


Eat Healthy Meals

The sooner you start eating healthy, the better. Try to stay away from fast food joints. These places tend to be a great hang out spot for college students, but they aren’t providing you to get nutritional meals at all. You’d be better off to buy a bag of carrots and a jar of peanut butter to snack on than a sack of French fries.


Keep Things Organized

It’s much easier to concentrate when things are in their place. Being organized will enable you to know where your books and assignments are located. Keeping track of dates will help you to know when exams are going to be, when final projects are due, and which classes are on what days.


Get to Bed at a Decent Hour

I think getting plenty of rest is the most important of all. Not getting enough sleep makes people irritable, irrational, clumsy, and your body doesn’t get the time it needs to recuperate from the day’s events. Your immune system can go down the toilet and you are also more likely to gain weight when you don’t get enough sleep.

I hope you are able to start practicing at least a few of these habits for better health. Out of these 10 healthy habits to start in college, which one would you put as number one?

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