10 Supplies for College You Will Really Need ...


10 Supplies for College You Will Really Need ...
10 Supplies for College You Will Really Need ...

Finding the right supplies for college is a daunting task and one that shouldn't be taken lightly. College may not have started yet, but do you have your list of the top 10 Supplies for College you'll really need? Think about it, when you live at home you have everything provided, but when you move into a dorm room you will forget a ton of things! I absolutely love the Gilmore Girls (no really, I watch them everyday). I remember when Rory went away for college and as soon as she got into her dorm room and thought she was all set, Lorelei found out all of the other kids had a bunch of supplies for college that Rory didn't – don't be Rory, be prepared!

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Toaster Price: $14.99 at target.com
Believe it or not, you are going to need a toaster. Think about all of those Pop-Tarts that you're going to be making in college — you want to make sure that you have a way that you can get them hot! Personally, even though I am finished up with college, I want to trade out my boring chrome toaster for the flirty pink one. Which one do you like best?


Cool Dinnerware

Price: $11.99 at target.com
One of the first things that I got when I moved out of my parents house was dishes; I mean what are you going to eat off of if you don't have dishes? Personally, I judge people by what dishes they have. If you haven an old ruffle or floral print, I am going to know that they were hand-me-downs from your grandma. Why not get some cool plates? These ones from Target and definitely sweet looking, with the cityscape of New York in the street names printed on it. How much cooler can you get?


Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker Price: $19.99 at target.com
In college you are going to need a ton of coffee, not kidding, it is going to become your drug – okay, at least it did for me. Why not brew your liquid drug in an adorable coffee pot? Believe it or not, a coffee pot is the most common supplies for college that freshmen forget and then they get stuck with a plain looking pot. Why not be ahead of the game and spice up your dorm with a teal or pink pot?



Futon Price: $89.00 at target.com
Dorm rooms are small and typically, you have to share your dorm with three or four other girls, so you want to make sure that you have ample seating in your common room – but you also want something that looks cool! The cool thing about having a futon in your common room is the fact that it can fold down into a bed – for those unexpected visitors you are probably going to have. Or hey, if you partied a little too hard the night before, it's nice to know there is another option if you can't make it to your bedroom.


Mini Fridge

Mini Fridge Price: $89.00 at target.com
Back when I lived with a roommate, one of the biggest complaints that I had was that she would always eat my food! Well ladies, it's the same in a college dorm. You could spend a ton of money on food, only to have your roomies use it all up on one of the many parties they will have. Why not protect your food and get yourself a mini fridge that can go right into your bedroom? This handy-dandy fridge actually has a dry-erase side on it too so you can leave little notes on it. That makes this fridge that much cooler and an essential item on the list of supplies for college.


Laundry Hamper

Laundry Hamper Price: $9.99 at target.com
Whenever I think about supplies for college, a simple laundry basket doesn't even register in my brain, but it is actually one of the more logical items that should be on every college student's list. This bag for example, it is not only practical but it's cheap! The strap can go right over your shoulder and the fact that it has a lid will make sure that your intimates don't end up in the hallway for your college crush to find.


Storage Bins

Storage Bins Price: $29.99 at target.com
When you're in college, you're gonna need to be creative with the storage. You're going to be sharing your space with strangers and you want to make sure that your stuff is organized – and protected. Personally, I like to store my stuff in style and that is why these storage bins in a cute floral design work best!


Cool Rug

Price: $79.99 at target.com
Are you really going to want to be stepping off of your bed and onto a cold, wooden floor? Of course not! You want to keep your feet toasty warm and you also want to bring in some of your own style to your room. That is exactly what a rug can do for you. This rug to me is super cute, totally chic and by far my favorite at Target. I promise, no matter what rug you get, it'll tie your entire room together and you'll be the cool dorm room!


Book Case

Book Case Price: $89.99 at target.com
Where are you going to put all of those heavy text books that you are going to have to buy? Well, if you are anything like my Better Half, you'll end up keeping your text books forever and a good, sturdy bookcase is going to be a must-have. This one is cute, stylish and can really make you look smart if you fill it all up with the classics – or those text books.


Lots of Seating

Lots of Seating Price: $29.99 at target.com
When you are in college, you are going to have parties. It is just natural and who wants to be in a dorm room where there isn't enough seating? Ladies, I'm begging you to buy a couple of these chairs – they even come in different colors if teal is not your cup of tea! These chairs are adorable, super cheap and can pretty much tuck away into any space you put them. I promise, all the college party-goers will thank you and you'll definitely be the popular dorm room!

These are just some of the supplies for college that are commonly left off of the list. Don't let yourself be one of the many freshman who has to run out on moving day to pick up a laundry basket or a mini fridge – be prepared! What are some of the things that you forgot when you first moved into your first dorm room; what was on your Top 10 Supplies for College list? Come on, share with me!

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I prefer my pop-tarts frozen.

My toaster was a BLESSING. It wasn't allowed, but I still used it. #rebel Good list!

Any chance you still have these plates or the matching cups and would want to sell 2 or 3 sets?

If you are moving into a dorm room, some electrical appliances you are not allowed to have depending on the college. Toasters were not allowed in my dorms. Also, a lot of extra stuff (like bookshelves, a futon, and tons of seats) are just going to take up the little bit of room that you have, if you even have the room for those things. Things like rugs, may look nice but at the end of the day they will probably just get ruined, so I wouldn't spend more than $20 for a rug so you aren't mad when it gets ruined.

loves the toasters

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