10 Items for a Finals Week Survival Kit ...


10 Items for a Finals Week Survival Kit ...
10 Items for a Finals Week Survival Kit ...

When finals come around, you are going to want some specific items for a finals week survival kit. These items are the necessities not only for studying for finals, but also for getting through finals week in general. This semester, make sure you're ready for every exam by preparing your own items for a finals week survival kit.

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A planner is one of the necessary items for a finals week survival kit not only to keep track of when your finals are, but also when you are going to study. If you plan a certain amount of time for each subject, each day, you will be able to get through finals without the stress of cram-style studying.



Not that any college student would be caught dead without a phone, but it is nice to have one with you during finals week. You can set alarms to keep track of how long you have been studying. And it is vital for calling your friends to set up a last minute study session!



Most campuses use some form of online website for classes to communicate with each other, which means a computer is a vital item for a finals week survival kit. You can use it type notes up or search for information you don’t know. And you can use an app like Self Control to keep off of Facebook and All Women Stalk to make sure you stay focused!



You might be reaching for a cup of coffee to keep you up during those late night study sessions, but you may not know that an apple has just as much caffeine as coffee. It’s a great healthy alternative to drinking tons of coffee during finals week.


Water Bottle

While we’re on the subject of being healthy during finals week, you have to remember to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle as part of your finals week survival kit and you won't have to worry about keeping healthy and hydrated.



When studying, one of the easiest things to do is color code your notes with a highlighter. It is a great way to keep you more organized. Try putting key words in one color, definitions in another, and things you need to study more in a different color.



When I study, one of my go to methods is to rewrite my notes in my notebook and create my own study guide. Something about writing my notes down over and over again just helps me to remember things more easily. Keep an empty notebook with you at all times during finals to refresh your memory.


Flash Cards

If you need to memorize definitions or formulas, flash cards are your new best friends. They offer a great way to test yourself on what you know, and to keep track of what you need to study more. And you can even go the extra step and color code your flash cards for even more organization.



When you are studying, the last thing you want to worry about is what you are wearing. Leggings are a go to staple item a finals week survival kit. Just remember to wear a shirt that covers your butt when you wear leggings.


A Comfy Place to Sleep

It may seem normal to pull all nighters during finals week to study as much as possible, but skipping sleep will only hurt you in the end. Try for 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night to ensure you are well rested. If you are running on no sleep for the entire week, you will be a walking zombie and wont perform well on your exams

Will you be using these items for a finals week survival kit? What items are in your finals week survival kit? What are some of your tricks for surviving finals week?

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Unfortunately, apples do not contain caffeine. However, they may give you boost of needed energy. This is due to the natural sugars in the apple, not caffeine. It would be nice if they were caffeinated, right?

I did a little research. It's a fairly common belief apparently. Apples must really give you a boost for them to even be compared to coffee. If an apple or a cup of coffee both give you an energy boost, that's great! Personally, it doesn't matter to me if it's from caffeine from coffee, or sugar from an apple, whatever works.

How did you know?????

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