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Who doesn't love Etsy and the many, many unique things you can find there, for such fabulous prices! We love Allison's list of 10 Etsy buys that are under $10 and we're sure you will too. Thanks for sharing!

Most of my friends and family can tell you I have an obsession with shopping-paradise Etsy. Whatever the occasion (whether a birthday gift for a friend or holiday presents), Etsy is the first - and generally only - stop for my gift searching. My Etsy favorite list extends far beyond that which I could actually afford; however, that does not stop me from a quick look daily to see if there were any items my wandering eyes might have glanced over too quickly. Below I have configured a list of ten items for under ten bucks! I hope you enjoy:)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Tree and Bird Earrings

Tree and Bird Earrings etsy.com
These unique earrings from Ilovegem costs only $3.90 (plus $2 for shipping!). They make a statement, yet remain simple. Pair them with a great dress and I guarantee you will get flooded with compliments!


Coconut Lime Handmade Soap

Coconut Lime Handmade Soap etsy.com
This soap screams summertime. With adorable packaging and the added bonus of being a vegan soap, you surely cant go wrong with this product from svsoaps.


Coral Stud Earrings

Coral Stud Earrings etsy.com
These pretty little earrings from littlehawthorne are completely on trend this spring with the fresh color and minimalistic style. Your ears will thank you later!


Flamingo Cookie Cutter

Flamingo Cookie Cutter etsy.com
You may wonder why this is on the list, but why not? With this cookie cutter from KitchenCrafts, your cookies will be all the rage at your next social gathering.


Mint Bow Necklace

Mint Bow Necklace etsy.com
Another seasonal color on trend, mint is showing up everywhere for spring. This delicate necklace from iloveyoujewels is too cute to pass up. The best part? You can contact the owner for specific color choices for your own necklace!


Italian Riviera Print-Photograph

Italian Riviera Print-Photograph etsy.com
Is it even possible to not dream about going to the Italian Riviera after seeing this photograph? This gorgeous print from SonjaCaldwell is one among many beautiful travel-inspired photographs from the shop which are perfect to display in the home or the office.


Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror etsy.com
I love this pocket mirror from whimsical shop depeapa. Modern women are always on the go, yet they wonder daily if their makeup needs any retouches. This mirror will lend a hand to those typical cases, while featuring a cute drawing as an added effect.


Small Ombre Vase

Small Ombre Vase etsy.com
This attention-grabbing vase will naturally draw the eye to that beautiful bouquet of flowers you have on display. From LuckyElephantGlass, you can even request another color for your own color schemes or buy the vase for a sweet housewarming/hostess gift to a friend!


Pocket Notebook

Pocket Notebook etsy.com
No longer do you have to write on your hands because there is no writing surface in sight! This notebook from MosseryCo is beautifully crafted and will make your grocery lists look that much more lux when used.


Circle of Life Anklet

Circle of Life Anklet etsy.com
And to cap off the list is this simple anklet from DeliBejewled. The anklet holds value and can remind you (when wearing) of the beautiful meaning of life. This anklet, with pretty turquoise-colored beads, will be perfect for showing off new pedicures at the pool this summer.

I hope you enjoyed the list and might possibly support the shops listed above by purchasing items! Etsy is a great way to ensure you are getting quality-made products while supporting small artisans around the world. What products and shops do you like on Etsy? Respond in the comments below!

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Lovelovelove the tree and bird earrings!

I want that necklace *-*

I really adore that anklet.

This is one of my fav articles. I love Etsy!

I have always been completely in love with Etsy! Thank you for pointing out some amazing things! ^_^

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