10 Etsy Buys under 10 Dollars ...

Who doesn't love Etsy and the many, many unique things you can find there, for such fabulous prices! We love Allison's list of 10 Etsy buys that are under $10 and we're sure you will too. Thanks for sharing!

Most of my friends and family can tell you I have an obsession with shopping-paradise Etsy. Whatever the occasion (whether a birthday gift for a friend or holiday presents), Etsy is the first - and generally only - stop for my gift searching. My Etsy favorite list extends far beyond that which I could actually afford; however, that does not stop me from a quick look daily to see if there were any items my wandering eyes might have glanced over too quickly. Below I have configured a list of ten items for under ten bucks! I hope you enjoy:)

1. Tree and Bird Earrings

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These unique earrings from Ilovegem costs only $3.90 (plus $2 for shipping!). They make a statement, yet remain simple. Pair them with a great dress and I guarantee you will get flooded with compliments!

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