10 Neat Household Gadgets Youve Got to See ...

By Stephanie

10 Neat Household Gadgets Youve Got to See ...

Common technology has advanced so quickly over the past few years, household gadgets included. That being said, the ten household gadgets I have listed below are so awesome and so technologically advanced that you’ve just got to see them (and hopefully purchase a few of them!).

1 Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

This is one of many household gadgets (not to mention one of my favorites!). Toothbrushes can get so gross. This appliance kills off all those nasty bacteria germs in a matter of seven minutes by using UV light. Just pop the toothbrush in, wait until the light goes off and you’re good to go! It also has a sleek modern design! How neat is this little device? Go ahead and pick one up at brookstone.com.

2 Foam Pump Liquid Soap Dispenser

These colorful little dispensers turn any liquid soap into foam! Because the liquid is turned to foam, you use less soap and therefore spend less money! Plus, who doesn’t like foam soap? You can check out solutions.com to find this item.

3 Audio Light Bulbs

Oh my goodness! How cool are these? They are wireless, illuminated speakers. They install just as you would install a light bulb! They connect seamlessly to your iPod or other music player via a wireless transmitter. These speakers are 10-watt, full range audio speakers that double as sixty watt light bulbs! You can buy them at amazon.com.

4 Cracker Keeper

Tired of reaching into your cracker box only to find crumbs? This keeper will protect your crackers from bugs and from getting squished amongst your other pantry items! You can purchase these handy little containers at solutions.com.

5 Electric Windshield De-Icer

This product makes scraping ice off the windshield of your car so much easier and less time consuming! Instead of manual scraping, the ice is melted away. Quick, easy and painless – just how cleaning your car off in the middle of winter should be! Follow this link so you can purchase this wonderful device: solutions.com.

6 Cupcake Holder

I love cupcakes, but whenever I try to take them with me, they get all squished or I have to use a container that takes up way too much space. These little holders are perfect for transporting those tasty little cupcakes! No more opening your lunch bag to find your cupcake smashed into smithereens. You can purchase them at kaboodle.com.

7 Belkin Conserve Socket

This socket is perfect if you’re trying to be eco friendly or just trying to save money on your energy bill. After thirty minutes, three hours or six hours of use, it automatically turns off. It’s all up to what option you choose to set it at. How cool is that? You can purchase it through at amazon.com.

8 Honey & Syrup Dispenser

This dispenser can be used for any type of syrup, like molasses, maple or even honey. It’s easy to use so you can avoid those nasty, sticky drips you get all over the spout of the syrup bottle. How neat is this contraption? You can purchase it from chefscatalog.com.

9 BiKN Bluetooth Kit

If you’re prone to losing either your phone or keys, take a look at this handy gadget! With this product, you get a combination iPhone case, app and a bunch of tags that you can place on any item that you tend to lose. When you lose something, the phone will send out a radio wave to help you locate the missing object. This kit is a bit on the expensive side but totally worth it if you’re prone to losing things! You can check it out at bikn.com.

10 Solar Window Charger

All you need is a device that has a standard USB port and lots of sun rays! You will cut some money off of your electric bill by charging your devices from solar energy alone! Plus, it's perfect for when your power goes out! You can buy it at thefancy.com.

So ladies, what do you all think? Are these gadgets right up your alley? If so, which ones are you thinking about buying? If not, do you have another household gadget to share?

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