7 Eco Friendly Gadgets ...


7 Eco Friendly Gadgets ...
7 Eco Friendly Gadgets ...

IIf you’re trying to save energy, here are some pretty neat eco friendly gadgets to check out! Help make the Earth a better place by conserving water and energy. The following seven eco friendly gadgets range in purpose and price, but are definitely worth a once over!

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Water Pebble

Water Pebble This is the only one out of the seven eco friendly gadgets that helps you be proactive! You place this little gadget near the drain of your shower and it’ll monitor your water usage! It measures your first shower and uses it as a starting point. It’ll blink different colors, like a traffic light, to indicate different stages of the shower. Green light indicates the start of your shower, while yellow indicates halfway finished and red indicates the end of your shower. Each time you take a shower, the Water Pebble will reduce the length of your shower, therefore reducing the amount of water you use. How cool is that? Find it at Amazon.


Hand-Crank Flashlight & Radio

Hand-Crank Flashlight & Radio Instead of needing batteries or using solar power, this little flashlight generates light when you crank it. Plus, you can also listen to the radio! Seems a bit old school, but heck, if it works and helps to save the environment, I’d go for it! It’s also optional to charge it via a mini USB cord, which comes included. This would be perfect for when the power goes out or while camping! Find it at Brookstone and give it a try.


Solar Panel Backpack

Solar Panel Backpack I didn’t even know these existed until now! But, how could you go wrong? You’re always carrying your gadgets with you, so why not charge them via solar power? Sounds like a pretty neat concept, right? There’s a few different types on the market, so shop around for the best one that’ll suit your needs!


Water Powered Alarm Clock

Water Powered Alarm Clock I can’t even express how much I love this eco friendly gadget! It’s not only affordable, but perfect for college students (like me!) or anyone else who just wants to be environmentally friendly! Just fill up the alarm clock with regular tap water and it’ll run perfectly fine! No batteries or electricity needed! The clock works by converting ions in the water to energy. Plus, you won’t have to replace the water for about six month! Wow! Check it out on Amazon.



Nest Program this thermostat to the temperature you want your house to stay at when you’re away and this gadget will accommodate your needs (and save you money too!). Setting your thermostat to your needs is a great way to cut energy costs (and be eco friendly!). Find it at Nest.com.


Stone GreenZero Charger

Stone GreenZero Charger This cute little device plugs into any outlet and will instantly charge any of your devices that have a USB port. This charger will immediately shut off when your device is fully charged. I definitely want to pick up one of these! You can too, at Bracketron.com.


Solar Panel Patio Umbrella

Solar Panel Patio Umbrella There are a few of these on the market and I find them pretty darn cool! They give off a soothing ambiance in the dark. They’re great for pool parties because they emit just the right amount of light to set the mood.

That being said, what do you all think of these gadgets? Will you be purchasing any of them?

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We have a Nest system in our home and it is just too cool

Wow! I want all of them

I want them all also.

The umbrella wow I wan tit

Water pebble looks neat- always have long showers, which use lots of water. The other objects such as the solar panel backpack must be expensive!

I'm getting this one! WATER POWERED ALARM CLOCK! I simply love it!

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