11 Luxurious Aircrafts That'll Blow Your Mind ...

Ever wondered what the most luxurious aircrafts in the world are? Guest contributor Angela is here to tell you just that! Enjoy!

Want to fly the skies in comfort? Today's modern aircrafts offer more amenities than ever to comfort and spoil travelers. Here are 7 aircrafts to "wow" you!

1. Embraer Lineage 1000

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The Embraer Lineage 1000 was a commercial airliner, until they took out most of the seats and added a lot of work to it. The huge plane now seats just 19 passengers. This plane, which costs nearly $45 million, includes couches, chairs, and bedrooms with showers. It’s equipped with extra fuel tanks, allowing it to travel 5,179 miles. Owned by Jorge Vergara, this luxurious airplane is one of the most comfortable planes that you’ll likely never get to fly in.

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