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7 Self Defense Tools to Own ...

By Jenny

As a woman who is by myself quite a bit, I love self defense tools. My husband is at work all night and sleeps during the day, so any running around I need to do is usually on my own. I tend not to drive because I live in a small city so I can pretty much walk anywhere or take a bus for less than a dollar if I really need to. Periodically I’ll end up walking home after dark and I become paranoid of every sound I hear behind me. That’s why I’m glad I have some self defense tools in case I ever need them.

1 Mace Gun

Mace GunOne of my favorite self defense tools is mace. I don’t own the Mace Gun, I just have a little bottle of pepper spray that I keep in my pocket, but I would absolutely love to own this gun. For one, it looks scarier than a measly bottle of pepper spray no larger than my thumb. It also helps you more accurately direct the stream of mace into your attacker’s eyes. You can find it at Safety Girl for $46.29.

2 Self Defense Knuckles

Self Defense KnucklesI also have this self defense tool. I have a friend who lives a few blocks from me but I have to walk past several “college party houses” to get to her apartment. When I walk home at night I like to put my fingers right through my self defense knuckles so I’m ready in case anything happens. Just a tip, if you don’t want to buy one of these, keep several keys on your key chain and poke them out from between your fingers like spikes. That’s what I did until I bought this, which you can find at The Home Security Super Store for $9.95.

3 Personal Alarm with Flashing Light

Personal Alarm with Flashing LightIf you find yourself being attacked or in a situation you really need to get out of, trigger your personal alarm. Most muggers, rapists and criminals in general, don’t want attention called to their crime. The blaring noise from your alarm SHOULD cause them to run away so they don’t get caught. If you’ve already been attacked and you’re unable to go for help on your own, the flashing light on this particular alarm will alert people as to your whereabouts so hopefully someone will come and help you. Get it at Women On Guard for $9.95.

4 Mini Stun Gun

Mini Stun GunI don’t have this because it’s illegal in New York State, but I would definitely own it if I could. What girl wouldn’t want a mini stun gun with them at all times? Short of a gun or a knife, there are very few weapons I’d rather have on me. This one is rechargeable, holds its charge for quite some time and fits nicely on your key chain for easy access. Get it at Women On Guard for $41.21.

5 Door Stop Alarm

Door Stop AlarmWhen I lived alone I had a version of this and I LOVED it! When you come home for the day, simply place the door stop alarm so the thinnest side is in the crack under your door. Should someone attempt to open or kick in your door, an alarm will sound AND the door stop wedge will hold the door in place so no one can get in. I love this thing so much, the only reason I no longer use it is the front door of my apartment opens out instead of in. It’s great protection for a minimal price so buy it! Just find it on Safety Girl for $7.89.

6 Tactical Kuba-Kickz

Tactical Kuba-KickzI don’t own this one, but it’s mostly because I’m clumsy and would probably somehow manage to kick myself with it and cause my own bodily injury. This little set of spikes slips beneath your shoe laces and gives you some nice added umph behind any kick you happen to land on your attacker. It's $11.49 at Amazon.

7 Circle of 6 App

Circle of 6 AppiPhone:
Price: Free

There are a few apps that help keep you safe but I honestly feel this is, hands down, the best one. Once you download the free app you select 6 people you trust to be your circle of 6. The app stores their cell phone numbers and a pre-written text. There are also emergency numbers programmed into it, as well as space for you to enter your local police department number. If you are in any sort of situation ranging from the need to escape the drunk guy harassing you at the bar to being alone and scared and fearing for your safety, this app will help you. You activate the app and touch ONE of the buttons that will send a message to all 6 people in your circle. Which button you press depends on the situation you are in. If you just need someone to call you so that you can duck out of an uncomfortable conversation, you press one button, if you need someone to come get you, you press another. If you need advice on your situation, press a third and at the bottom, there is an emergency button you press to dial the police department number you programmed into the phone.

I strongly recommend carrying at least one of these amazing self defense tools with you, especially when you go out alone. You never know what may happen and it’s always better to be prepared. What self defense tools do you own?

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