7 Interesting Alarm Clocks for the Perfect Morning ...

If you abuse the snooze every morning then it’s time to check out some of these interesting alarm clocks! I am about as far from a morning person as one can possibly be and my husband works evenings and has to wake up at 11:30pm, so a good alarm clock is like gold in my house. If you can’t wake up in the morning, these super interesting alarm clocks might be just the thing to force you out of bed…literally.

1. Blast off

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Buy one of these interesting alarm clocks to blast you out of bed every day! After a brief countdown, the rocket will blast off, forcing you to seek it out in your room and put it back in its original position before the alarm will turn off. If you’re like me, once you’re out of bed, you’re up for good! Find it at Amazon for $20.03.

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