7 Nifty New Devices You Need in Your Home ...

There are new devices for the home being produced every day. I really enjoy browsing around the internet and finding all the cool contraptions I would love to have! Most of these new devices for the home are incredibly useful and everyone should have them, but others are just things that I find particularly awesome and worth taking a look at!

1. Back of Door Storage Cabinet

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This is one of the new devices for the home that I desperately need! My husband and I lived across the hall from each other (that’s how we met!) in identical apartments. When we decided to live together, I moved into his place. We now have all of our stuff that once fit into two places all crammed into one. We have very very little storage and having a cabinet on the back of the bathroom (or EVERY) door would be incredibly handy! Hammacher Schlemmer has half door cabinets for $129.95 and full door cabinets for $199.95.

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