7 Products You'll Need for the "Zombie Apocalypse" ...


7 Products You'll Need for the "Zombie Apocalypse" ...
7 Products You'll Need for the "Zombie Apocalypse" ...

These are the things you’ll need for the zombie apocalypse, should it happen (or any other catastrophic event for that matter). Hey, this world is a crazy place; it never hurts to be prepared! I don’t think there will actually be zombies that come and attack us, but it isn’t totally ridiculous to think that there may be some event for which you will need to be prepared. Gear up with these things you’ll need for the zombie apocalypse and be ready for whatever might happen!

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Lifeline First Aid in a Bottle

Lifeline First Aid in a Bottle Of all the things you’ll need for the zombie apocalypse, this is definitely the most important. A first aid kit is always handy to have around your house, in your car, and especially when you find yourself wandering in the woods, whether on purpose or due to an emergency situation. This handy little kit is stored in a water bottle, which makes it easy as can be to carry around with you. This 26 oz bottle holds varying sizes of bandages, gauze, tape, alcohol and antiseptic as well as tweezers, scissors, an emergency whistle and several other necessities for whatever accidents you may have! Get it at Survival Warehouse for $20.99.



Firestarter Matches can get wet and rubbing two sticks together can take forever if you’ve never done it before. This awesome fire starter makes it relatively easy to start a fire, even if it’s your first time using it. My brother has this exact one that he takes camping with him and it is incredibly easy to use. Find it on Amazon for $5.00.


Germicidal Tablets

Germicidal Tablets You can’t live very long without water and drinking tainted water is very dangerous. Whether you’re hiding out from brain eating zombies, left without shelter after a terrorist attack or natural disaster, or you’re trying to escape the nanoplague, you will need to have clean drinking water and it isn’t always possible to find a fresh source. These germicidal tablets will disinfect your water in a mere 30 minutes, giving you drinkable water. Amazon has 50 tablets for $9.26.


Lock Picks

Lock Picks I don’t recommend carrying lock picks around with you on a regular basis or using them when it is not an emergency situation. They would, however, definitely be useful in any sort of attack when people are trying to escape and abandoning their vehicles and homes. Should you suddenly wake up in a Walking Dead or I Am Legend scenario, they would be pretty handy for getting into deserted places like a car to drive yourself out of the danger zone or a house to hide out in. My husband has a set of lock picks and I’ve tried them out. They’re fairly hard to use at first, but once you master it, it’s a breeze. BUDK Catalog has picks ranging between $9.99 and $200.00.


Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Gerber Apocalypse Kit This is really expensive, but I’m not gonna lie, I think it is freaking awesome! I’m not a big weapons advocate, but I love this set. The 7 tools, including a double bladed saw, axe, 3 unique machetes and a couple of handy knives, all roll up into the extremely portable carrying case, which makes it easy to sling on your back as you’re moving from one hiding place to another! Get them on Gerber Gear for $349.00.


Emergency Thermal Blanket

Emergency Thermal Blanket You should have one of these in the trunk of your car for emergencies. They are really cheap, you can buy one for less than $2 or a whole package of them for a super reasonable price, like 10 for $11.95 at MCR Medical. They reflect 90% of your own body heat back to you, they are large enough to cover two people and you can even build a makeshift shelter out of it!


High Energy 2400 Calorie Carbo Fiber Bar

High Energy 2400 Calorie Carbo Fiber Bar When you’re out in the wild, food is scarce. If you’re on the run or afraid to go scavenge for food, these calorie bars will provide you with the sustenance and energy you need to keep alert or keep moving. If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, visit Major Surplus, where 2 bars cost $9.95, and take a look at all the incredible survival food! Major Surplus has the largest variety of survival food I have seen with gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options so there’s something for everyone. There are breakfast entrees, full dinners and even desserts. Some of them are pricey but others are outstandingly reasonable.

With all the potential catastrophes that could come about (more realistic than zombies), having a few of these things on hand wouldn’t be a bad thing. Honestly, no one knows what’s going to happen from one day to the next. It’s better to prepare yourself ahead of time and feel foolish when nothing happens than to avoid planning for the worst case scenario and find yourself unequipped should anything occur. What survival gear do you think would be best in an emergency situation?

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